Best Choice

A comfortable living room

The living room is possibly the space in the home where you spend most of your time. So, going for elegant and comfortable pieces means adding an undeniable stylish touch. But, what’s the right furniture for a comfortable living room?

World of accessories

Gucci Décor by Gucci, the new home decor collection

High-fashion label Gucci has just launched its first home decor collection, which includes vases in romantic florals, retro-inspired chairs in bright colours, chintz tea trays and cushions with animal designs. Available from September, Gucci Decor by Gucci...


Space saving furniture in full holiday mode

This is what we have: a campaign chair in colonial style, a wire-framed coat hanger that looks like a beach hut, an ultra comfy camping bed and a portable footstool you can ride...


A relaxed countryside living room

A patio surrounded by lush vegetation is perfect for spending a quiet afternoon. Be inspired by this: two cocoon-like armchairs placed side-by-side are ideal for indulging in a little gossip...


In the Dolomites, local vernacular meets modern aesthetics

An attic apartment in the Dolomites where contemporary style and tradition meet.


Camp Cot by Unopiù, a new daybed for summer

And who could have guessed that camp beds, traditionally used during military campaigns, would become the must have item for summer 2017...


Bathed in natural light

Floor-to-ceiling windows and a large landscape mirror; this is how you can turn your bathroom into a relaxing light-filled open-plan space...


Turn your garden into an outdoor spa

As the days grow warmer, we long to spend more and more time outdoors. So, why don’t you turn your garden into an outdoor spa to be enjoyed around the clock? A special place to revel in nature, underneath a starry sky...