A radiator for every room

The latest radiators on the market have: a streamlined silhouette, attention-grabbing aesthetics, a clean and simple line and a sophisticated elegance.


Fabbian in 10 frames

Set up in the early sixties, Italian brand Fabbian has rapidly become one of the key players in the lighting industry.


ADI Design Index 2016: the best of Italian design

279 designs split into 12 different categories: ADI has brought out the ADI Design Index for 2016, namely the annual publication which includes the best on the Italian design scene...

Best Choice

A natural bathroom: our top inspirations

A neutral colour scheme, delicate tones, bathtubs with rounded silhouettes, a soothing space and a welcoming environment. This natural mood is inspired by traditional Turkish baths, so follow our simple guidelines to turn even the plainest of bathrooms into a modern and restful space...


A crisp and dramatic exposed kitchen

A timber-frame kitchen with a monolithic central island appears from the terrace. The overall style is crisp and distinctly modern, however the warmth of timber soften lines and brings to mind the same homely feel of kitchens from while back.


PoPuP by Davide Groppi, the lamp with innate rhythm

PoPuP by Davide Groppi is such a brilliant idea: a cordless lamp which doubles up as a music player. PoPuP is both a portable music player and a light: and what better way to create the perfect mood wherever we are?


The irregular headboard is the new key player in the bedroom

In our new bedroom, scatter cushions in a variety of different fabrics surround us in a warm embrace, a most relaxing informal intimacy. The overall mood if light and airy: the large double bed takes centre stage and its padded headboard draws a stylized skyline on the feature wall...


Mes Meubles d’Architecte: Jean Nouvel on show

Jean Nouvel, mes meubles d’architecte is at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris from the 27th October 2016 to the 12th February 2017.