Studio Castiglioni: the world of

Have you ever been stuck fumbling round in the dark, looking for a switch and only being able to turn the light on after several attempts? Yes? If so, do you know who was clever enough to design the VLM light switch?


Pipistrello: the life of an iconic lamp

A lamp is not just a lighting device, it is possibly the only object in the home which has such an intimate relation with its environment.

World of accessories

Elica Marie

At a first glance, Marie is just a simple cube, but it will perfume your whole house as soon as you place it on a table. Marie is the new fragrance diffuser by Elica. This is smart technology at its very best. Marie will wipe out any unpleasant kitchen odours.


Gio Ponti and Richard Ginori: unexpected pen pals

The Triennale Design Museum opens at the Villa Reale, Monza with a new exhibition: Gio Ponti e Richard Ginori: una corrispondenza inedita.


Panton, the chair you wouldn't expect

A versatile chair entirely made from a single sheet of plastic. This is the striking idea, which seems to have been haunting Vener Panton ever since the early 1950s.