World of accessories

Smart Door by Dierre, open your front door with a phone app

Every time we’re outside the front door, we always waste time looking for our keys, turning out our pockets and rummaging through our bags. At any rate, this was true until yesterday.


Jasper Morrison exhibition in Belgium

“Thingness” is the first retrospective of the designer Jasper Morrison on show at the CID (Centre d’Innovation et de Design), cultural center in Hornu, Belgium.


Domino by B-Line, the multi-purpose storage

With its clean-cut lines and functional design, this multi-purpose storage provides a lively atmosphere with colours which look like they come from Mondrian’s paintings.

World of accessories

Pure Cool Purifier by Dyson, the fan heater without blades

It provides room heating… or rather an unexpected flow of cool air (during winter). What are we exactly talking about? The new powerful hot and cool fan heater by Dyson. Its thermostat automatically sets the temperature and filters the air with bladeless and noiseless design.


In the bedroom, white and beige touches

The bedroom becomes a restful haven filled with light: pastel tones, geometrical patterns and the classic style of leather furnishings set the tone. Here is the bedroom of our summer dreams: the bed takes center stage inviting for resting and dreaming.


Dansk, the best of Danish design in the hip area of Copenhagen

In the new fashionable neighborhood in Copenhagen, an interior design store where you can discover the latest trends.


Alvar Aalto Museum: a journey through the Modern Movement

Finland stands for Alvar Aalto. For this reason, whether you are into architecture and design or passionate about Northern Europe, the Alvar Aalto Museum is the place to see.


Air, water and fire: this is what you need for your “all-year-round” cosy corner

An open-plan space between sky and water, masked only by a floor-to-ceiling glass façade; this is the ideal haven to be at one with nature. Be it summer or winter, a vintage chaise-longue is the right piece to sink-in and enjoy breathtaking view. What’s more, you can warm up the ambience with a fireplace placed right in the centre of the room: this is a sculptural piece, which gives a touch of style even when it’s turned off.