Itaca by Elena Bompani, the nomad house kit

Suppose you’re always travelling for work, your studies or just because you want to. Suppose you have to relocate to a different city and manage the move yourself. How can you make your new place feel like home? Simple: with Itaca by Elena Bompani.


Lema at the Glance Hotel, a lux abode in the heart of Florence

Comfort melts with elegance, and modern simplicity with the history of this city. In Florence, the building which houses the four star Glance Hotel dates from the early fifties, and after a detailed refurbishment it’s now a magical, original and cosmopolitan space.


Desk accessories high in design value

New Year, same old workspace? Don’t worry, our resolutions for 2017 include giving a fresh new update to the study.


Cordivari in 10 frames

Radiators and heated towel racks by Italian brand Cordivari are exciting, refined and highly energy efficient, basically the new frontier in home heating.


Thermo Stack by La Castellamonte, radiator and thermo-stove in one

An extraordinary thermo-stove, which we can assembled however we want; this is our idea for home heating. So, exactly like Thermo Stack by La Castellamonte. Thermo Stack is a modular heater which includes a thermo-stove and two radiators...


Design Post Köln, the station for modern interior design

Not to be missed in Cologne, a contemporary interior design showroom housed in a regenerated postal station.

Best Choice

Burners and fireplaces: our favourites

January is possibly the coldest month of the year, but there’re ways to warm it up. With classic wood burners, pellet stoves, traditional-looking fireplaces, gas fireplaces and bioethanol burners.


Portable Atelier by Driade with Moleskine, the desk

Clean, simple, large and practical to use. What else could we want from a desk? Well, we would also want it to be versatile with space for all our equipment. To work well is a matter of style for us!


In the bedroom, a radiator that steals the show

Streamlined silhouettes, clean aesthetics and simple lines. In this living room, shapes and volumes are inspired by abstract painting, and a few wooden pieces break up an otherwise strikingly modern space.