Romantically chic: a bedroom in powder pink

Our contemporary bedroom has a romantic undertone, a streamlined scheme with a subtle poetic touch in powder pink...


The celebrated brands of Scandinavian design

Scandinavian brands are known around the world for their timeless aesthetics, which in time has become an accurate depiction of their style.

World of accessories

Squeeze Press by Fratelli Guzzini, the hand operated squeezer/juicer

What’s your poison, lemonade, freshly-squeezed juice or smoothies? We only trust in Squeeze Press by Fratelli Guzzini. Squeeze Press is a citrus squeezer which doubles as a juicer, designed to refresh your summer within seconds, giving you a much needed energy boost.


BEST SOLUTIONS – Micro home, a 21 sqm mezzanine apartment in Berlin

No convertible furniture required: bespoke furniture was used to turn this studio apartment into a real home.

Best Choice

Stackable chairs: our favourites

Stackable chairs are much more than purely lightweight space-saving pieces. In fact, we’ve handpicked 8, all high in design value, among the latest to hit the market...


More like a spa than a bathroom

You can turn any standard bathroom into your very own home spa with this stylish idea: two wall mounted waterfall showerheads, the perfect stress release after a long day’s work...


Urban relaxation: an armchair surrounded by potted plants

This fuss-free living room has large windows, which let lots of natural light in, perfect for escaping from the daily frenzy of city life...