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Natural wellbeing in an ethno-chic bathroom

This bathroom draws from the magic of distant lands, the perfect inspiration to turn even the plainest of spaces into an oasis of calm.


A bedroom with a dreamy Greek vibe

Your bedroom this summer is understatedly elegant and bathed in natural light, a simple and chic space in white and turquoise. Just like being on a Greek island...


A summertime living room in total white

White stands for summertime elegance, freshness, balance and personal wellbeing. And this is exactly why it’s the right colour for your new outdoor living room...


Romantically chic: a bedroom in powder pink

Our contemporary bedroom has a romantic undertone, a streamlined scheme with a subtle poetic touch in powder pink...

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Stackable chairs: our favourites

Stackable chairs are much more than purely lightweight space-saving pieces. In fact, we’ve handpicked 8, all high in design value, among the latest to hit the market...


More like a spa than a bathroom

You can turn any standard bathroom into your very own home spa with this stylish idea: two wall mounted waterfall showerheads, the perfect stress release after a long day’s work...


Urban relaxation: an armchair surrounded by potted plants

This fuss-free living room has large windows, which let lots of natural light in, perfect for escaping from the daily frenzy of city life...

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Home décor trends for 2017: marble and porcelain stoneware

Without a doubt, marble and porcelain stoneware are two of the main home decor trends for 2017. These extremely versatile materials adapt to a vast range of interiors. But, what’s the best way to use them?


A convivial kitchen with a central island

Our new convivial kitchen revolves around a central island with a breakfast bar, which extends to the living room. This idea is perfect for a large open-plan space, great for entertaining family and friends...