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A table which doubles-up as a hob

The latest trend in the kitchen is to cook while you’re entertaining your guests and to eat all around the table. But this time around, a table with a circular top replaces a more conventional central island.


When the living room comes outside

A wicker sofa in earth tones, a cocoon-like armchair in lime green and wooden tables in different sizes and styles. The latest in garden furniture is to be inspired by living room interiors...


An urban style kitchen

Here, urban-style was our main inspiration: sharp contours, a dark colour-palette, functional storage and a central island. Smart technology is one of the main selling points of this kitchen...


Wellbeing is guaranteed in our free-flowing bathroom

This bathroom is a free-flowing open plan space, where floor-to-ceiling glazing fills the room with lots of natural light. This is exactly how you can turn a conventional bathroom into the perfect space for enjoying some me-time...


Turn your garden into an outdoor spa

As the days grow warmer, we long to spend more and more time outdoors. So, why don’t you turn your garden into an outdoor spa to be enjoyed around the clock? A special place to revel in nature, underneath a starry sky...


A functional freestanding kitchen

A freestanding hob turns your kitchen into a welcoming space, fit for entertaining. A central island with food preparation area, breakfast bar and induction hob; this is such a great idea.


A modern bathroom inspired by the Orient

Clean and modern; this bathroom is in line with present-day living. However, there’s a magical detail inspired by ancient bathing rituals: a curved bathtub...

Best Choice

Reading lamps: our favourites

Be it in the living room or bedroom, we do enjoy diving into a good book, providing that we have the right lamp. The reading lamps we have found are elegant, unconventional, portable and compact...


A bathtub surrounded by nature

Our roof terrace surrounded by nature is a real oasis of calm, the perfect space for a freestanding bathtub. Without a doubt, a deep bathtub with a rounded silhouette is ideal for indulging in some me-time.


A living room with wall-mounted storage

In our living room, wall-mounted storage takes centre stage. A versatile piece in plain timber with accents in lacquer: part storage and part bench, it adds a decorative touch as well as being an occasional seat.