Bathroom, a new space for beauty

Our freestanding bathtub is inspired by traditional English roll-top bathtubs, the on-top washbasin brings to mind a retro vanity unit, and the maxi armchair is inspired by a chaise longue.


Bathtub and washbasin with a curved silhouette

A bathtub with a curved silhouette and a washbasin with a soft line; this combo will turn even the plainest of bathrooms into a truly welcoming space...


A natural oasis in the bathroom

A freestanding bathtub with a curved silhouette and a wet room in the background, perfect for taking in the great outdoors. These two details are more than enough to turn even the plainest of bathrooms into a dramatic and relaxing home spa.

Best Choice

A natural bathroom: our top inspirations

A neutral colour scheme, delicate tones, bathtubs with rounded silhouettes, a soothing space and a welcoming environment. This natural mood is inspired by traditional Turkish baths, so follow our simple guidelines to turn even the plainest of bathrooms into a modern and restful space...


A light-filled long and narrow bathroom

A long and narrow bathroom with only one window could feel rather poky. However, with a few little tricks, you can turn it into a light-filled space and make it feel a lot more spacious. And there’s no need to give up on your comfort!


A cosy bathroom with a natural vibe

A neutral colour scheme, diffused lighting, green accents and accessories in natural materials. Our natural vibe is inspired by tradition, a space where informal intimacy and a homely feel meet...


A modern bathroom with bold patterns

The modern bathroom has a wet-room, yet it doesn’t turn down a traditional bathtub, which peeks from behind the curtains with a slightly coquettish and retro air. The rest of the scheme is in sharp contrast, clean lines and bold graphics for a strikingly modern space...


Turn your bathroom into a dream spa

Follow our advice and turn your conventional bathroom into a space fit for personal wellbeing; this is your dream spa-style bathroom. This is a minimalist light-filled space. So, go for a wet room with a multi-jet shower panel: elegant simplicity, pure geometry and a reinvigorating massage all in one.