When the living room comes outside

A wicker sofa in earth tones, a cocoon-like armchair in lime green and wooden tables in different sizes and styles. The latest in garden furniture is to be inspired by living room interiors...


Turn your garden into an outdoor spa

As the days grow warmer, we long to spend more and more time outdoors. So, why don’t you turn your garden into an outdoor spa to be enjoyed around the clock? A special place to revel in nature, underneath a starry sky...


A bathtub surrounded by nature

Our roof terrace surrounded by nature is a real oasis of calm, the perfect space for a freestanding bathtub. Without a doubt, a deep bathtub with a rounded silhouette is ideal for indulging in some me-time.


An oasis in the shade

As the days gradually get warmer, sitting by the poolside becomes one of life’s little luxuries. You could very well enjoy some me-time or a romantic date, under the shade of a gazebo while taking in the breathtaking view of the rolling hills.


A relaxed countryside living room

A patio surrounded by lush vegetation is perfect for spending a quiet afternoon. Be inspired by this: two cocoon-like armchairs placed side-by-side are ideal for indulging in a little gossip...


A boho-chic outdoor living room

A small patio (or if failing that a corner of a roof terrace) and a cocoon-like sofa in a clean and simple line. Just the right combination for your new summer outdoor living room.


Pinstripes for your outdoor living room

Generously sized seating upholstered in a pinstriped fabric is guaranteed to turn any garden into a truly elegant outdoor living room in pure metropolitan style.

Best Choice

Outdoors: style notes for garden and terrace

Without a doubt, an accent piece will turn even the plainest of gardens into an extra-special corner. This is what we’ve found...