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Flash by Davide Groppi, the lighting strip

Are you looking for a space-saving lamp with added drama? If so, Flash by Davide Groppi should be right up your alley...


AquaClean Tuma by Geberit, the innovative WC with bidet

Sleek aesthetics, cutting edge technology and real comfort are must-haves in any modern bathroom. AquaClean Tuma by Geberit is a striking example...


Lynko by Natalia Géci, portable modular storage

Fold it, close it and carry it with you. Lynko by Natalia Géci is an extremely smart storage idea, suitable for a variety of different spaces like entrances, living rooms or bedrooms...

Best Choice

Stackable chairs: our favourites

Stackable chairs are much more than purely lightweight space-saving pieces. In fact, we’ve handpicked 8, all high in design value, among the latest to hit the market...


Urban relaxation: an armchair surrounded by potted plants

This fuss-free living room has large windows, which let lots of natural light in, perfect for escaping from the daily frenzy of city life...

Best Choice

Ottomans: our favourites

Ottomans are extremely versatile and practical pieces, which come in many shapes and sizes. In fact there a thousand different styles to choose from...

Best of the month

BEST of June 2017... Our picks

Summer is here. June is the perfect time of the year to bask under the sun, sip a refreshing cocktail with friends, enjoy romantic moonlit dinners and maybe even freshen-up your style. So, if you don’t want to be caught out why don’t you have a look at what’s hot this month...


A canopy swing seat for summer

A canopy swing seat, a slatted armchair and a side table to leave a drink and a book; this is all you need for your new outdoor living room.