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Camp Cot by Unopiù, a new daybed for summer

And who could have guessed that camp beds, traditionally used during military campaigns, would become the must have item for summer 2017...


Turn your garden into an outdoor spa

As the days grow warmer, we long to spend more and more time outdoors. So, why don’t you turn your garden into an outdoor spa to be enjoyed around the clock? A special place to revel in nature, underneath a starry sky...


Galerie44: near Lyon, vintage twentieth century design

Mid-century modern furniture from the 50s to the 70s in a showroom and warehouse with industrial charm.

World of accessories

Boga by Alessi, the ginger grater

Summer is finally in full swing, and nothing beats a refreshing ginger drink. Be at the head of the pack with Boga by Alessi...

Best Choice

Outdoors: style notes for garden and terrace

Without a doubt, an accent piece will turn even the plainest of gardens into an extra-special corner. This is what we’ve found...


A canopy swing seat for summer

A canopy swing seat, a slatted armchair and a side table to leave a drink and a book; this is all you need for your new outdoor living room.


Award-winning Italian lighting

Italian lighting manufacturers are known around the world for the superior quality of their products, the brilliant mind of their designers and record-breaking technology.


BEST SOLUTIONS – A tiny convertible apartment in Taormina: 25 sqm for four

A raised bed which frees up necessary living room space, and a partition which turns into a table; this is the magic of convertible furniture.