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Best Choice

Stackable chairs: our favourites

Stackable chairs are much more than purely lightweight space-saving pieces. In fact, we’ve handpicked 8, all high in design value, among the latest to hit the market...


Space saving furniture in full holiday mode

This is what we have: a campaign chair in colonial style, a wire-framed coat hanger that looks like a beach hut, an ultra comfy camping bed and a portable footstool you can ride...


Camp Cot by Unopiù, a new daybed for summer

And who could have guessed that camp beds, traditionally used during military campaigns, would become the must have item for summer 2017...


BEST SOLUTIONS – A tiny convertible apartment in Taormina: 25 sqm for four

A raised bed which frees up necessary living room space, and a partition which turns into a table; this is the magic of convertible furniture.

Small space special

Small space special: Small on space big on style

Who says that you can’t turn a tiny balcony into a lush oasis to be enjoyed all summer long? Or that in a studio apartment you can’t have a bright living room, a big study and a well equipped kitchen side by side? Not to mention your holiday home, where there’s never enough room for friends and family.


BEST SOLUTIONS – The Green House: a 36 sqm holiday home in Porto

The Green House: a mini loft apartment which looks like a tiny house with a courtyard, perfect if you want to visit all the wonders of Porto, Portugal.


Lynko by Natalia Géci, portable modular storage

Fold it, close it and carry it with you. Lynko by Natalia Géci is an extremely smart storage idea, suitable for a variety of different spaces like entrances, living rooms or bedrooms...