World of accessories

Plissé by Alessi, a fashionable kettle

Partly sculpture and partly tailor-made suit, the latest “compact” version of De Lucchi’s kettle is bound to be even more popular than the earlier version...

Best Choice

Gifts for a good mood

Humorous, exclusive, reassuring or unexpected: we know that gifts can bring out many emotions. That’s why on our wishlists we wrote down those that hit the right notes and create a joyous and intimate atmosphere...


Moebius in Milan: Stellar cuisine, music and hospitality

Seconds away from Milan’s central station, Enrico Croatti’s new concept restaurant, where food, music and hospitality come together.


Elmetto by Martinelli, golden icon

Iconic, insurmountable and always new! Elmetto, the legendary table lamp designed in 1976 by Elio Martinelli, continues to win us over with its ever-changing styles...

Table settings

A chic but informal Christmas table

American placemats and a runner have been chosen in place of a tablecloth, giving the table an informal and yet refined mise-en-place.


Eve, the nomadic radiator from outer space

Eve, the elegant alien sphere that follows us everywhere with its radiating heat and romantic suffused light.


Cuboluce Classic by Britto from Cini&Nils, the Pop surprise that lights up the party

Can you call to mind the feeling you have when you open a gift? Well, this iconic lamp gives us that same magical sensation of surprise...