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XMAS_DR by Riva 1920, the Christmas tree in scented cedar wood

Still looking for original and shiny Christmas decorations? You can stop now. This year, there’s no need to decorate your Christmas tree as it’s an exclusive object, high in design value...


A chic simple living room

A chaise-longue instead of the customary sofa, a fabric screen to keep a certain amount of privacy and two streamlined coffee tables. This is what you’ll need in your new living room...

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A luxurious and sophisticated home

When we speak of a luxurious home we don’t intend mouldings, timber panelling nor gold plasterwork. Whether your home is classic, minimalist, art déco or contemporary, luxury can be an integral part of your life.

World of accessories

Design Decors Design by Porro, the textile series illustrated with design icons

Design Decors Design by Porro, the textile series illustrated with design icons Five graphic patterns, a powder colour palette and several splashes of bright shades; this is Design Decors Design by Porro in brief.

World of accessories

Minù by eKoala, vegetal cashmere for kids

Vegetal cashmere. Yes, that’s right: the extremely sought-after and warm cashmere yarn is now available in a new sustainable version. What is it made of? Minù by eKoala is made from the cellulose of white fir trees...

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Christmas gift ideas: accessories for light dishes

At Christmas, we’re faced with the endless round of pies, agnolotti, stuffed turkeys and cakes. So, what if for once we tried to add some light dishes to our Christmas menu?


Design, Action! Directed by Constance Guisset

Constance Guisset Design, Actio !, the retrospective on the young French designer Constance Guisset is on at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris from the 14th November 2017 to the 11th March 2018.