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Sustainable design: innovation that is good for the environment

Sustainability, attention to the environment, eco-materials. Today, design has its sights set on a new ethical concern and is creating products dedicated to the environment which are prepared to protect the planet.


Arya by Cappellini, lamps that look to the East

These lamps designed by the duo of Cappellini and Facco come from an un expected mix of Asian influences, warm and velvety palettes, and timeless Muranese traditions.

World of accessories

StaySafe Alessi, the all-purpose/no-touch keychain

Frequently washing our hands, avoiding as much contact as possible with surfaces, and always keeping disinfectant around have become parts of our daily lives, especially when we are in public.


Lago: the at-home personal designer

New lifestyles, new needs and new courses of direction are inevitable for those who want or have to design their own homes. Today more than ever the home is central to our daily lives and, as a consequence, home design is undergoing considerable change.


The extra-large headboard restyles the bedroom

A bed with an extra-large headboard is really trendy because it allows one to define the entire style of the bedroom with only one detail.


Retro touches in an elegant sitting room

An armchair with a retro look, a low table with a drawer, and an optical rug frame this conversation corner with discrete elegance.

Best Choice

Around the world in 80…pardon, 10 wallpapers

With non-woven fabrics, ecological collages, 3D coverings and scenes that will take your breath away, these new wallpapers mix state-of-the-art materials, exotic charm, tactile textures and enchanting landscapes.

Materials and innovations

Water, Fantini’s most valuable asset

Sustainability and energy savings are increasingly more relevant subjects, and companies are showing themselves to be more and more attentive to respecting the environment.

Kids' room

The kids’ room: 3 ideas for increasing space

When we say “kid’s room” we immediately think of the space that isn’t there and never will be. Whether it is long and narrow or wide and square, the room that encloses the world of our little ones never seems to be big enough.