Grand Superior by Bauxt, an elegant armoured door

Ready for your holidays? If you worry about leaving your home unattended, take a leaf from your book: go for a top-of-the-line burglar-proof door. Grand Superior by Bauxt is a striking example of Made in Italy design.

World of accessories

Hello by Nest, the doorbell that controls your front door

Would you like to know who has rang at your door without having to look through the spy-hole? From now on, Hello by Nest takes care of everything through your mobile...


Deauville by Unopiù, the outdoor daybed for simple relaxation

For us, a daybed has to be simple, practical and comfortable. Just as Deauville by Unopiù that without beating by the bush, encourages us to unwind. For a summer in the spirit of “less is more”.

Kids' room

White and blue, a fresh kid’s bedroom

Light-blue walls, furniture that brings to mind the waves of the sea and accessories that seem to have fallen from the sky; this is the perfect style for a soothing room, transforming it in a bright, relaxing retreat.


A tiny living room with a study area

In our new loft apartment, the main living area has a fresh, young vibe, a veritable multipurpose space that combines relaxation with work...

World of accessories

Totem by Sara Ricciardi, a state-of-the-art vase

In summer, fresh cut flowers wither quickly. So, what about opting for this dramatic, modern, green arrangement that isn’t ruined by the heat as it changes its appearance every single day?


Hygge armchairs for the outdoors

Ergonomic and relaxing, so comfy you want to dive right into them. For us, cocoon armchairs epitomise the Danish “hygge” philosophy...


The sun decorates the new Roof Garden of Senato Hotel Milano

2017 was the time of Hypernature, thanks to the Milanese designer Gianpaolo Venier’s creative flair; this is the year of Modulor however, a tribute that the young architect Marco Lavit pays to Le Corbusier.