The home immersed in Icelandic nature

A part of “Homes of the world” by Lago, a breathtaking landscape seems to enter the home in complete symbiosis with its furniture.


Spun by Magis: (the story of) a rotating chair

Spun, the rotating chair by Magis, one of the most original pieces of contemporary design, turns 10.

Nighttime Special #20

Nighttime special: perfect style for dreaming

Comfortable, welcoming, intimate and chic: when we think about the bedroom, we like to imagine a welcoming and private room; however, we also want one that is elegant, spacious, well-organized, inventive and, most of all, made just for us.

Best Choice

Beds embrace elegance

Whether austere, soft, bold or discrete, the new queen-sized beds play with minimalist shapes and exquisite materials to create undeniably elegant bedtime style...


Philippe Starck in Eden on Zurich Lake

The visionary maestro of design reinvents the history of the prestigious hotel La Réserve Eden au Lac Zürich.


ADI Design Museum: the new “home” of design

There is a large, evocative and unfinished space where spectacular lights highlight the interplay of its building’s original ancient walls with the innovation of modern metal architecture...


Cassina’s new outdoor collection

Chairs, armchairs and garden tables designed by the great masters of design from Le Corbusier to Charlotte Perriand together with new projects by Rodolfo Dordoni, Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola...


Step-by-Step, the hidden complexity of a minimalist radiator

A complex project that comes out surprisingly simple is how we can best describe this radiator capable of guaranteeing the highest quality in energy efficiency and aesthetics while taking up the least space possible.


Kartell and ethical innovation in design

Ethics has always been a part of the story of Kartell, the company that has stood out in the design world for its capacity for innovation...

World of accessories

AK/25 by Aboutwater, the washbasin mixer made to perfection

Sharp architecture, sculpted geometry, revolutionary technology, strong color, an emblem of elegance.