Il Design nelle Dimore and Lombard genius loci

Il Design nelle Dimore (lit. Design in the mansions) is the name of a new project dedicated to Lombard genius loci. It aims to promote the territory and its historical sites through the outstanding works of companies of international fame.


Dock sofas, the super-modular seating system

With 84 elements to assemble, Piero Lissoni’s Dock modular seating system for B&B Italia is among the most the flexible for creating our living room.


NikolaTesla Libra by Elica, the first “balanced” hob

Three in one: here is the first hob that pulls its weight. It is a revolutionary model that not only integrates a superpowered extractor, but also includes an extremely precise scale for weighing...

Materials and innovations

Clean air in the wardobe: Air Cleaning System by Lema

To protect our health and day-to-day well-being from indoor pollution, this wardrobe takes on a new role. It changes from a simple container and becomes an active instrument, a sort of filter capable of purifying the air and contents inside.


Elmetto by Martinelli, golden icon

Iconic, insurmountable and always new! Elmetto, the legendary table lamp designed in 1976 by Elio Martinelli, continues to win us over with its ever-changing styles...


Ugo La Pietra and his dictionary of design

Fashion, technology, home furnishings, craftsmanship and the city: Ugo La Pietra faces these and so many other themes in order to narrate and explain design to us.


Pyana Hood by Faber: a virtuous work of art

Minimal clutter, maximum efficiency: the Pyana hood designed by Carlo Colombo is hung on the wall like a work of art.


Unopiù Tweed, the year-round outdoor living room

A classic woolen fabric inspires this outdoor collection to which it not only lends its name, but also its decisive and elegant character...

Best Choice

Ingo Maurer and beauty made light

Many called him the poet of light, though he rejected this title. If it is true that Ingo Maurer was always considered the light designer par excellence, it is also true that for him “being original is not so difficult as long as you listen to your inner voice.”

Materials and innovations

Respet®: when plastic becomes design

The kitchen in recycled plastic: an extraordinary revolution in the world of materials that reduces environmental impact and contributes to the safeguarding of our planet.