110 years of Olivetti: innovation takes to the stage in Rome

Currently showing at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome, the exhibition Looking Forward. Olivetti: 110 di immaginazione (lit. 110 years of imagination) celebrates Olivetti’s 110th birthday, the iconic Italian firm known for its typewriters.

World of accessories

Feel by Guzzini, the thermos bursting with flavour

A bottle with a tiny magical sphere; this is the new thermos that embraces your wellbeing. In other words, Feel by Guzzini is a thermos with its own infuser so you can add pieces of fruit, mint and ginger to the water.

Home office

A retro-inspired study giddy with stripes

A zebra-striped armchair and flooring in zig zag stripes, utilitarian furniture and precious chandeliers...


Recuerdo by Oluce, light reflecting in water

Emotions, sensations, vibrations...Recuerdo by Oluce is a sphere in cut glass that brings to mind the crystal-clear sea...

Best Choice

Simple clothes hangers: our favourites

Streamlined, bold, stylized and geometric: the latest clothes hangers are in line with the latest trends in interior decor.


Nude by Zucchetti, transparency as seduction

More than any other room, the bathroom is where you take care of yourself. These simple rituals are full of meaning...

Table settings

The springtime table is simple and delicate

Curls, cheques, leaves or polka dots: a fresh tablescape in pastel tones and delicate patterns celebrates the arrival of spring. This mix of delicate colours and textures isn’t at all dated, on the contrary.