Stores innovation is online

Bredaquaranta, a leading Italian interior design firm, in a mere ten years has gone from being a tiny business in Milan to a point of reference for the field. Today, Davide D’Avico, the firm’s owner, illustrates Bredaquaranta’s new venture: the launch of a digital platform that aims to ignite the dialogue between the brand and its international target public.


Broken Nature: the XXII International Exhibition of the Triennale di Milano

The XXII International Exhibition of the Triennale di Milano investigates the relationship that exists between mankind, nature and design. Overseen by Paola Antonelli, the Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture and Design as well as the Director of the Department of Research and Development of the MoMA in New York...

World of accessories

Tailor Made by Sambonet, a personalised cutlery set

A date that celebrates a momentous occasion, your initials, a special icons that represents you. You are able to customise the latest cutlery set with your engraved initials and much more, creating an exclusive tablescape.


Swing by Ethimo, a tiny addition to the outdoors

The sunny weather is here to stay and it encourages us to spend increasingly more time outdoors. We’ve already found the perfect piece for our new outdoor living room: an ergonomic, cocoon-like armchair that creates your personal oasis of calm.


For the mountains, an outdoor living room in metropolitan-style

Sartorial fabrics in a masculine cut, iridescent nuances, splashes in optical-white and a colour palette in grey: the latest outdoor living room for your mountain retreat has a distinctive, sophisticated style inspired by urban life.

World of accessories

Inspired by Iris Apfel by Nude, the trendiest homeware collection

Nude’s strong suit is undoubtedly it’s simple, functional elegance. Thanks to Iris Apfel’s irreverent and untameable spirit however, crystal glasses, jugs, vases and paperweights have a refreshed look. And they are instantly transformed into chic, collector’s items.


Riding the bus with the Bauhaus

Wohnmaschine, a “living home” or in other words a reproduction on wheels of the Bauhaus movement. The SAVVY Contemporary design collective has decided to celebrate the centenary of the Bauhaus movement with a 15 metre-long bus that for the following ten months travels around the world.

Home office

Console table + wall niche = a home office full of charm

A streamlined, wooden console table that rests against the wall, is perfect for the people you want to re-organize a tiny home-office.


An oversized sofa for convivial moments

A wall-to-wall bookcase and an oversized sofa: they solely transform a standard living room into a relaxing space.