Alba by Oluce, the lamp inspired by a drop of water

Every ambience needs the right type of lighting. And with Alba by Oluce, a contemporary lamp series with minimal aesthetics, every corner becomes instantly more welcoming (when the light is switched off too).


A wooden kitchen is traditionally modern

The freestanding island is great as a breakfast bar too, the large L shaped top doubles as a food preparation areas and the larder with two recessed ovens is perfect for storing your cooking ingredients.


Rocking Nest Chair by Carl Hansen & Søn, the new foldable rocking chair

Without a doubt, the rocking chair presents the epitome of relaxation, it makes you think that you’re being well looked after. Its familiar feel makes any room feel more welcoming.


A bedroom where wellbeing is paramount

This dreamy bedroom is a safe haven, in which you can enjoy life’s little luxuries such as a warm embrace, moments of idleness and take care of your personal wellbeing...


Louvre Abu Dhabi: the new museum by Jean Nouvel

Since a little over a month ago, the “island of happiness” too has its own museum. Designed by Jean Nouvel, the new Louvre Museum was constructed a patch of dry land known as Saadyat (the island of happiness) in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates.

Best of 2017

BEST of 2017… our picks

2017 is almost over. So, we’ve decided to leaf through Designbest magazine and fish out the top articles of the year. This is our scrapbook for 2017, full of beautiful images and irresistible ideas, which can guide you in the year to come.


Best of...love at first sight of 2017!

In 2017, many new products have made their way onto the international scene, especially designed to simplify our everyday lives, help us in different tasks and ready to take pride of place in our homes.


BEST Solutions... The 9 most beautiful mini-apartments of 2017

Multifunctional and convertible: the smartest solutions for studio apartments.

Best Choice

BEST of… the best inspirations of 2017!

All the trends in home decor, a mood for any occasion, the perfect furniture for contemporary living and the accessories to refresh your style. In 2017 we’ve published a vast selection on inspirations, all unique.