World of accessories

Beoplay A1 by Bang & Olufsen, a speaker designed by Saint Laurent

Are you ready for your holidays? With a crystal-clear sound, this pocket-size speaker is suitcase ready: the perfect blend of design, power, practicality and it’s glamorous too.


Hush by Martinelli Luce: a lighting system in silence

Especially designed for offices, this lighting system, integrated with soundproof panels, reduces background noise to improve the quality of life in the workplace.


A pop of gingham for outdoors

The latest trend in outdoors focuses on comfy furniture in a simple silhouette, perfect for a refined, soothing space...

Best Choice

Good night!

Sleep plays an essential and healthy part in everyday life, but sometimes, especially in summer - when it's very hot or you change homes to go on holiday - resting well can prove a challenge...


Memphis Plastic Field: a timeless design movement

MEMPHIS - Plastic Field, the exhibition on the Memphis design movement that is currently touring the globe, has recently inaugurated Bordeaux’s cultural season...


The modern bathroom is crisp and clean

Precision, order and simplicity are the main features of this contemporary bathroom, decorated in a minimal, classic-style and with a black-and-white colour palette.

Materials and innovations

Reeded by Vismaravetro, glass design

Distinctively modern, this new type of frosted glass is additionally secure and versatile. The latest addition to Vismaravetro’s extensive collection...


Quirinale Contemporaneo: the new home of the Italian people

With thirty-six works of art and thirty two objects put on display, the exhibition Quirinale Contemporaneo officially opens in the Quirinal Palace on the 5th July 2019. Held with the support of the President Sergio Mattarella...


A kitchen in deep-blue

Marble veining and streaks in relief, the dazzling brilliance of white and the soothing harmony of blue. With an elegant touch, our new kitchen evokes the maritime-style...

Materials and innovations

Acquafit by Fantini, the multisensory shower head

With this extremely practical, multifunctional shower head, you are able to transform an ordinary shower into a paradise of personal wellbeing, complete with water features and a backdrop of lights.