Romby di Porro, la purezza geometrica

After 95 years of experience in the world of contemporary furniture design, Porro once again introduces their ideal of beauty...

World of accessories

Oblio by Lexon, the battery charger that sanitizes cellphones

By looking at it, it seems to be a simple vase. Instead —surprise!— it is a revolutionary wireless battery charger that disinfects our smartphones...


Kitchens by Lago, infinite visions of the contemporary kitchen

Lago, the Italian brand specialized in designer modular furniture, amazes us once again with a new collection of customizable kitchens...


Optical geometry in the modern bathroom

Straight, square and the timeless pairing of just two colors: black and white. This contemporary bathroom designs a lightly austere space...


Vico Magistretti, 100 years

Vico Magistretti and the furniture collection created during the eighties and nineties for “è DePadova” is still in production in the year we celebrate 100 years since his birth.

Best Choice

8 smart accessories for metropolitan nomads

After months shut indoors, it is finally time to go out. And given that we have all by now become expert telecommuters, why not take advantage of the situation to get organized for working outdoors?


Galileo Smart by Faber: the new art of cooking

Among renowned chefs and amateur cooks, the undisputed star of the show was the hob...


Fantini, passion that comes from water

From the lake to the world. This is the idea that has pushed Fantini —the Italian tap and fittings company that has carried forward a project of quality, ethical business practices and respect for the environment since 1947— to give a new form to water.


The art of staying at home by B&B Italia

The Couch, or the art of staying at home by B&B Italia. This is the name of the brand’s official podcast curated by writer/journalist David Plaisant...


Martinelli Luce lights up the summer outdoors with Frog

It’s time to take back the garden or terrace with a view over city rooftops. Plants, flowers and the evening cool are becoming more than a simple desire...