A freestanding island, the new convivial kitchen

The real heart of this kitchen is a large central island that includes a food preparation area, hob and sink...

Best Choice

2.0 lanterns: our favourite

Inspired by traditional lanterns, the latest trend in lighting design focuses on portable lamps. Poetical, delicate and romantic, they evoke the magic of times gone by.


Elegant pastel tones in the bathroom

Elegant and sophisticated, our new bathroom combines romantic powder pink with bright coral.


Lost by Magis, a magic lamp with a hole

An empty circle, a ring, a bold aesthetic. What are we talking about? An extremely special lamp as it creates imperceptible silhouettes with a magical light.

World of accessories

Pinocchio by NasonMoretti, fairytale vases

Do you remember the fairytale of Pinocchio, who transforms from a puppet into a... vase? By replacing wood with glass, Giulio Iacchetti has created a unique interpretation of Carlo Collodi’s iconic children’s character.


Starman by Arketipo, the sofa of the man from the stars

Starman is David Bowie's most famous song. Inspired by the same desire to experiment with new forms of expression, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba launch into space a sculptural object that encourages you to look for your own individuality.