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Design will save the world

Faced with the descent of human into artificial intelligence, anthropologist Francesco Schianti’s response is: design will save us.


Cubric by Riflessi, the sideboard of the future

With a metallic glare, diamond cuts, and a custom special-effect design, this sideboard is a symbol of new contemporary style in a perfect mix of functionality, craftsmanship and pure innovation.

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New luxury in ten relaxing ideas

According to a study published by researchers of the Italian National Institute of Health in the magazine Scientific Reports, one in seven Italians sleeps poorly and three in ten don’t get enough sleep.

Table settings

Romance and glamour: spring is at the table

Dusty pink clouds and emerald green brushstrokes bring a springtime atmosphere to the table, giving the table setting a brand-new mood.


Cross by Scarabeo Ceramiche, the new bathroom table

It reinterprets the classic bathroom console table while standing on in its tiptoes to take up little space and adds a touch of glamour to the scene.

World of accessories

F719 by Freitag, the designer DIY bag

Exclusive, artisanal, recycled and unique are four adjectives that describe this ideal bag. It is a concentration of high-quality craftsmanship and creativity...

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Valentine’s Day: design at first sight

Today is Valentine’s Day and sending a message of love is a must. Still, we are going beyond and using this opportunity to declare our love for the home and designer objects that can create the perfect atmosphere throughout the year.

World of accessories

Odyssey Collection by Orolavico, eco-sustainability at the table

With energy unleashed from magma, the power of nature and the artisanal beauty of sustainable and functional design, the table setting in 2021 exhibits...