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Piper 161, the teak armchair with colored belts

The Piper 161 teak armchair was made for the outdoor dining table, but its elegant and sophisticated style also makes it ideal for inside the home.


The Big Book of Design

Looking for summer reading that isn’t a classic novel? 24 ORE Cultura presents the Big Book of Design, the volume curated by architect Andrea Branzi...


With the Erika series by Aran Cucine the kitchen gets smart

One of the main locations of domestic life, the kitchen has recently had to contend with a real and true forced occupation...


Camaleonda, the eco-comeback of an icon of freedom

50 years since the success which it made an icon of seventies’ design, the Camaleonda system of seating returns to the design scene with contemporary comfort in a new eco-sustainable and 100% recyclable version.

World of accessories

Cassina and Richard Ginori at the table with Le Corbusier

What happens if two prestigious companies meet at the table to remember Le Corbusier?


An outdoor living room inspired by nature, according to Royal Botania

Relaxation, elegance, pleasure, in short, enjoying the fairest of seasons by setting the garden or terrace up like a real and true living room with sofas and side tables.


Plico by Alessi, a contemporary icon

With the reissue of Plico, the foldable trolley designed by Richard Sapper in the second half of the 1970s, Alessi...


Bio-Mbo, the new paradise of wellness

Cassina, the Italian company founded in 1927, launched industrial design in 1950s Italy, getting itself noticed for its aptitude in research in innovation.


Plain by Ceramica Globo, lightness that empowers the bathroom

Modular, elegant, discrete and light. This is the vision of bathroom furniture by Angeletti Ruzza Design...


Toa, the graphical lifestyle by Pedrali

Pedrali, the company 100% Made in Italy that produces furniture for the contract and residential sectors, lets us in on new style in “New Ideas 2020”...