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Kids' room

The kids’ room: 3 ideas for increasing space

When we say “kid’s room” we immediately think of the space that isn’t there and never will be. Whether it is long and narrow or wide and square, the room that encloses the world of our little ones never seems to be big enough.


Pantone 2021: gray and yellow is the winning pair

Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (aka bright yellow) are the new colors of 2021 as decreed by Pantone in its annual announcement.

Home office

Home office: enveloping functionality

Large, bright, well-organized, exciting and welcoming. The office moves inside the home and combines the practical functionality of “work” furniture to the more intimate and familiar atmosphere of the home for an impeccable teleworking setup.

Table settings

On the winter table, snow white elegance

This winter table goes for white, the most classic of colors, and illuminates it with the metallic glow of steel to celebrate seasonal dishes among discrete and timeless elegance.

World of accessories

Closca Helmet by Closca Design, the foldable bike helmet

When we travel by scooter or bike, we want our helmet to be comfortable, safe, and even beautiful. So what if we told you we have found one with something extra?


Fire Table by Unopiù, the table to warm up the room

The age-old magic of fire, the timeless warmth of wood, and the versality of simple yet striking furniture.

2020 Christmas Special

Christmas Special 2020: the gift of design

Christmas is on its way, and this year more than ever it’s best to avoid the last-minute shopping rush. It’s best to get on top of things as the public health crisis has imposed strict rules.


Antrax, the most heat in the least space

Since 1996, Antrax IT, the leading company in the production of hi-tech designer radiators, has used three keywords to sum up their philosophy: innovation, energy savings and sustainability.