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Vito Nesta at Genoa’s Palazzo Reale

Genoa’s Palazzo Reale is paying homage to the designer Vito Nesta with the exhibition Diario di un designer. Sessantanove giorni nel segno di Vito Nesta (Diary of a designer. Sixty-nine days in the name of Vito Nesta).


The convivial outdoors

With wood, cord and stone, the outdoor lounge area goes for natural materials to create a relaxing and informal atmosphere.

World of accessories

A candle 4.0 for true connoisseurs

A romantic atmosphere, suffused light, the intense and velvet of a prized grappa. Instead of the typical aperitivo, today we’d like to treat ourselves to a small, hedonistic dream.


In the bedroom, the relaxing balance of gray

This bedroom goes for a gray palette in order to dress relaxation with discrete intimacy. The balance between the brighter shades and the bolder accents creates a clean space.

Best Choice

12 relaxing poolside ideas

Summer in the city? Who couldn’t go for a poolside dive into relaxation? Sun, fresh air, and water are the cure-all for body and mind.


Noonu by B&B Italia, the new archipelago of relaxation

Cicero would say “leisure with dignity”. In fact, it takes just one quick look at this sofa to instantly grasp the timeless art of idleness.


Villa Etna, architectures of light at the foot of the volcano

Amongst nature and artifice, there appears Villa Etna, a contemporary piece of architecture designed by Iraci architetti. Immersed in the singular landscape of valle dell’Etna, it eliminates the boundaries between inside and outside.


Giulio Castelli and his culture of design

“My grandfather was a visionary with a pioneering spirit” announced Lorenza Luti, Kartell’s marketing and retail director, when speaking about Giulio Castelli who, while at the helm of the Kartell brand, was able to upend the principles of design.