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Porro designs a tailor-made Toscana in Miami

There is a can’t-miss spot across the sea for those who love the most refined Italian style and flavors. Toscana Divino, the Made-In-Italy restaurant founded in Miami in 2012, has joined Porro, the Italian brand leader in premium custom-made furniture, with interior styling curated by Imobili LLC and Claude Zein.


The open shelving is the highlight of the kitchen

A kitchen island opens onto the living room but is set apart by a double-sided shelving system. The central composition unites the two rooms and is the clear highlight of the living area. Ready to interpret a more informal convivial style, it is also capable of preserving the right amount of privacy for the chef.

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9 practical and chic ideas for the outdoor table

With bright colors, gelatinous reflections, practical materials and clever details, the table is getting ready for the summer by moving outdoors and adding a bit of joy to its look. Thus, the table gets covered by the magic of the Canaries, fine wine glasses made by master glassmakers, minimalist polypropylene dishes and a hand-painted tray with imaginative sea creatures.


Miya by Cappellini, the new ‘samurai’ coffee table

Il nome è un omaggio a un antico e famoso samurai e agli incastri preziosi che caratterizzano l’armatura. Che Elena Salmistraro traduce con trasparenze poetiche e con un gioco di incastri e sovrapposizioni tra vetro soffiato e cristallo.


Matteo Cibic brings the sea to Milan

Matteo Cibic is currently one of the most interesting and eclectic contemporary designers; Hendrick’s is a high-end gin which has been able to encapsulate all of the magic of the sea in a limited edition launched in March called Neptunia.


Dining chairs: 4 tips for choosing the perfect ones

Choosing the right chair for the kitchen or dining room can be difficult due to the many options one has to consider. And we are not only speaking about style. On the one hand, chairs have to fit in with the table and the rest of the furniture....

World of accessories

Vita Air, the portable air purifier

Clean air, always and everywhere. It’s not a utopia, but the result of the revolutionary, made-in-Italy Vita Air mini air purifier. Compact, light, innovative and easy-to-use, this little gem eliminates all pathogens in the environment, from viruses to bacteria and molds, in a short amount of time thanks to a powerful system of UV-C lamps.


The black and white bathroom copies living room style

Standing out in the center of the room there is a leather daybed—not your typical piece of bathroom furniture, but which does, however, give the room an allure made for the most exclusive wellness.

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7 design ideas that celebrate moms

Happy Mother’s Day to moms throughout the world! According to custom, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and this year it is on the 8th, the day on which the holiday fell until 2000.

Materials and innovations

Le Argille by HD Surface, naturally beautiful

The name of Argille, the new coating from HDSurface, already reveals its ecologica soul. This troweled coating comes from a mixture of clay, cellulose fibers, natural lime and micronized marble powders.