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World of accessories

Grilling outside and inside: cookouts without end

Is the traditional Easter Monday picnic prohibited? No problem. Alternatively, we can organize a quick barbecue at home, even if we don’t have a garden.

World of accessories

Easter at the table

Easter day is the ideal occasion to lavishly set the table. Classic and opulent, colorful and informal, unexpected and surprising: have you found the style best fit for you?


The “natural” order of things in the bedroom

Spacious yet intimate, comforting and bright, this bedroom turns a classic piece of furniture into a central composition which sets the tone for our daily routines with pragmatic simplicity.

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Stylish ideas for a pet-friendly home

Those who share their homes with a four-legged friend know that a pet also needs some comforting furniture and accessories.

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Design at low prices: pots

Whether they are small and space-saving, carved and sculptural, classic and timeless, or bold and unexpected, pots are allies in taking advantage of spring.


Heritage Perspective by Maxalto, celebrating design

Un percorso progettuale lungo 25 anni, ripensato nei dettagli per raccontare e interpretare l’atmosfera a 360°. Toni caldi, estetica leggera, armonia Déco: si presenta così la nuova collezione disegnata da Antonio Citterio per la casa Maxalto del 2021.

Speciale Outdoor #21

Outdoor Special: the latest home design style is in the open-air

Springtime is here, and along with it comes a desire to be outdoors. Especially this year! And our big and small outdoor spaces are proof of this, as they have become the highlights of the home.

World of accessories

Clocks: it’s time for new décor

The night between March 27th and March 28th brings daylight savings time and clocks will spring ahead. Ready to reset them?

Materials and innovations

Re-Chair by Kartell, the recycled chair

The word sustainable sums up in just one word our chair for 2021. With recycling in its DNA, optimal ergonomics, impeccable style (created by the gentleman of design), and absolutely versatility....