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10 top Christmas gifts for your home

Christmas is approaching and what if you’re short of ideas? Try to imagine a Christmas list for your home.

2017 Christmas Special

2017 Christmas Special: my gift is... design

Our personal wishlist. We’re at it again: it’s time to be thinking of Christmas presents. This year, our list is a lengthy one: presents for the near and dear ones, special gifts for the friends, little things for the colleagues and our personal wishlist of course...


The right radiators create a warm environment

The Christmas spirit has started to fill the air, so we are ready to decorate our living room for Christmas. While the chaise longue and a many tea lights embrace us in front of the Christmas tree, radiators are used to decorated the walls and are dressed in festive colours...


Christmas gift ideas: high-tech gadgets

This is what we have: a robot that cleans the floors while we’ve gone out, an egg you can save your documents and pictures on, a turntable that doesn’t turn records, the clock that trains your mind and the essential standard alarm-clock...

World of accessories

O-Mirror by Minimalux, the double-face mirror

Saying “mirror mirror on the wall” in front of the mirror is almost taken by granted. But, according to us O-Mirror by Minimalux is a really special piece: whether it’s because of its perfect silhouette or because of its double-face mirror...


XX century design: Holm Vintage, Chausseestrasse, Berlin

In the old town centre of Berlin, the interior design gallery that sells the work of the top modern designers of the twentieth century.


SIX, an interior design gallery hidden behind plants

If you have ever strolled down the Navigli neighbourhood in Milan, you will have certainly come across many leafy courtyards and old buildings with peeling facades, the guardians of magical kingdoms.


Manualmente Legno. In miniatura 2017, miniature furniture on display

The exhibition Manualmente Legno. In Miniatura 2017, set up by the FAI (the Italian equivalent of the British National Trust), is on at Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan until the 7th January 2018.