World of accessories

Pinocchio by NasonMoretti, fairytale vases

Do you remember the fairytale of Pinocchio, who transforms from a puppet into a... vase? By replacing wood with glass, Giulio Iacchetti has created a unique interpretation of Carlo Collodi’s iconic children’s character.


Starman by Arketipo, the sofa of the man from the stars

Starman is David Bowie's most famous song. Inspired by the same desire to experiment with new forms of expression, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba launch into space a sculptural object that encourages you to look for your own individuality.


London: a luxury hotel in Scotland Yard’s historic headquarters

Scotland Yard, the historic headquarters of the most famous police force around the world, is converted into a luxury hotel with 153 rooms designed by Lema Contract.


Soleil by Campeggi, a deckchair with a tray

A bolster cushion that serves as a headrest, an armrest that doubles as a tray and an overall structure that folds easily. Soleil by Campeggi is a must-have for warm weather...


Michael Anastassiades and 12 years of designs

Light structures that create bold chandeliers and simple furniture with a pure aesthetic, minimalism is undoubtedly Michael Anastassiades’ distinctive feature.


A welcoming outdoor living room

Whether in your garden or on the terrace, an ergonomic sofa, covered in cushions, is perfect to enjoy the warm weather as it creates an informal, extremely comfy oasis.


Play No Rules: a Milano il design gioca senza regole

Books, game books, a jack-in-the-box as well as games for you to create. With the exhibition Play no rules. Artist’s toys, Corraini Edizioni puts the focus on pure creativity...


A neo-romantic bedroom

Velvety colours, a soothing feel and a large bed that serves as an alcove. With an oversized headboard and complementary accessories in a delicate line, our new bedroom...

World of accessories

Miror by Building Gallery, magical sculptural mirrors

Here, one-of-a-kind reflections combine voids and simple silhouettes to create new projections as well as imaginative visions.