Luciole for magical nights, candlelight 2.0

Small, magical and portable technology to light up our most romantic evenings on the terrace or even in the home.


IOC and a contemporary vision of the office

25 years of history dedicated to the world of the office with a continual push towards contemporaneity: IOC, International Office Concept...


Retro appeal in a modern living room

With a large leather sofa, some souvenirs, a few framed black and white photos the living room becomes a place of memories...


The bed takes centerstage

In this bedroom elegance marries intimacy. The room’s centerpiece is the bed, or rather its imposing and enchanting headboard...


A voyage through the 20th century, among history and architecture

L’archivio animato. Lavori in corso (lit. Animated archive. Work in progress) is the new exhibition at the Fondazione Cirulli di San Lazzaro di Savena (Bologna) paying homage to the history and culture of the twentieth century.

World of accessories

Bangle by Budri, the elegance of bijou vases

Imagine a sculptural stack of overlapping bracelets and there will be Cristina Celestino’s new collection elegant, fashionable and unexpected marble and precious stone vases.

Special Bathroom #19

Bathroom special, among wellness and design

In the bathroom the philosophy of wellness triumphs by combining materials, innovation and design to embrace all our senses in the creation of large or small domestic spas.

Top 10

New washbasins in elegant consoles

Haughty, sinuous, discrete or with personality, washbasins are becoming more focal and dictating the latest in bathroom style.


Kera washbasin for a bathroom by Lago

Elegant, light, precisely designed and with a naturalness that reveals a love for its materials: here is an object that evokes ancient Japanese design culture.


Apollo by Maxalto, elegance made comfort

Curvy and rigid lines locked in a warm embrace - one could define this sofa as such.