World of accessories

Snip-Snap by Yuri Himuro, magic textiles

There are skiers on the slopes, tractors plowing the fields, ships in the middle of the ocean and animals that roam the forest...

Materials and innovations

Clean air in the wardobe: Air Cleaning System by Lema

To protect our health and day-to-day well-being from indoor pollution, this wardrobe takes on a new role. It changes from a simple container and becomes an active instrument, a sort of filter capable of purifying the air and contents inside.


These lounge sofas are perfect outdoors

With the arrival of the fairest of seasons the living room instantly moves outdoors and designs it own language of relaxation...

Materials and innovations

Saintluc’s house of linen

“I come from the world of composite materials. I know their proprieties and potentialities in depth” Frédéric Morald starts off with while introducing Saintluc...


Gae Aulenti at the Vitra Design Museum

35 projects that trace the career of Gaetana Aulenti, the versatile Italian architect and designer who made her mark on the 20th century. Gae Aulenti: A Creative Universe at the Vitra Design Museum...


The bathroom is a natural oasis

This modern bathroom breaks aesthetic and architectonic canons and plays with space to create an area dedicated to wellness, split in two.


Table Dry, i.e. technological levity

After more than thirty years, Alberto Meda’s design for a table at the cutting-edge of industrial technology returns centerstage.