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Glass art on show in Venice

September 5-13, 2020 sees the return of The Venice Glass Week, the international festival in Venice dedicated to the art of glass.


Panarea by Pedrali, the outdoor armchair that weaves style and tradition

The desire to escape; the call of the open air; the elegance of Mediterranean atmospheres. These have all given inspiration to Panarea the latest addition to Pedrali’s 2020 outdoor collection.


A living room that brings summer indoors

A room full of light, overlaid carpets that warm up the floor, a reading nook with a large pouf, an end table and a soft and refined sofa...


Happy Birthday Serie T

Antrax IT’s bestseller, the Serie T, celebrates its tenth anniversary by once again offering its signature pieces: TT, which was born as a natural repetition of the original model...


Bonfire by Gallotti&Radice, perfect balance in a lamp

Elegant, minimal, with a touch of poetry and 100% feminine; this is the trademark of Studiopepe...

Best Choice

Putting things in order… in style

Holed up inside, surrounded by an excessive number of objects and memories, we have decided to put the much-renowned concept of space-cleaning into practice.


10.000 objects that make a home

“I hoped to say goodbye to many things, but ended up loving so much more of my belongings”, explains Barbara Iweins, the Belgian photographer who loves studying human fragility, to speak about her latest photography project which came about almost if by chance.


The veranda living room, an oasis of relaxation

Understanding the desire for idleness, the living room transforms into a relaxing oasis that communicates with the outdoors and speaks the language of nature.