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9 gourmet appliances

| Designbest editorial staff


he data from a recent investigation by Doxa says it all: during the pandemic the amount of time spent at the stove has increased in 46% of cases and significantly increased in 17% of them. However, what has changed most of all has been the quality of our cuisine because, thanks to the lockdown, we have realized that there is a bit of a chef in each of us, and we have given free rein to our creativity and experimentation in the kitchen. There are those of us who have focused on healthier cooking and those who have dusted off grandma’s old recipes. In our case, we want to perfect our cooking ability without wasting too much time, so we went looking for reliable chef’s helpers. Here are nine small kitchen appliances that are impeccable, fast and powerful tools. In a few steps, they’ll help us prepare delicious dishes and gourmet dishes to get us through the winter.



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