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Best Choice

Colour, patterns and prints: 10 tiles for brightening up your home

| Designbest editorial staff


ith colours and prints that travel between past and present, surfaces have returned at the forefront of home décor. 
This amazing, new generation of designer tiles combines cutting-edge material technology with refined geometric patterns and historically inspired colours, whether they are from the fifties, the eighties, the nineteenth century or indeed older.

Bewitching tiles decorated with geometric patterns that combine functionality with tradition and design are the extraordinary result of this union. In fact, the latest floor and wall finishes are extremely accessible and more durable than before. 
Customization is the main theme of the new collections: as the same line is available in several patterns and colours, we can assemble the tiles in the way that best suits the feel of our home.

Bewitched by the new world of interior finishes, we’ve asked Monica Pirra, owner of CasaLab, a showroom in Mondovì (CN), northwest Italy, to help us find the 10 examples that best represent this new generation of colourful, geometric-patterned tiles, perfect for freeing our creative flair.
Let’s take a look at what Monica has chosen for us.

All the details on CasaLab - Store Channel

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