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What’s the right door for your home?

| Designbest editorial staff


ecorating and refurbishing your home isn’t just about picking new furniture and accessories or updating finishes and flooring. In fact, it’s also about finding the right type of door to complement your décor, by doing so you can refresh the walls and redefine the entire style of your home. Doors are integral to any home décor; this is why they need to complement the overall look of every room. First and foremost, doors have to be functional and satisfy your everyday needs, however they also need to be aesthetically pleasing, safe, innovative, modern and manufactured using top quality materials, chosen to withstand constant ware and tare.

However, what should we take into account when picking the right door? How to choose among all the styles, finishes and types of openings available on the market? It’s because of all these variables that you should turn a respected professional, able to offer you a range of suitable ideas, assuring a quality service. For this reason, we’ve asked Michelangelo Matacchione for his advice. The sales manager at Garofoli Store HABITAT in Bisceglie, southern Italy, Michelangelo pays special attention to interior and exterior doors, aiming to “create beautiful and safe spaces that will satisfy your needs”. 

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