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Open-plan spaces: the kitchen goes in the… living room

| Designbest editorial staff


pen-plan spaces can often be subdivided into two separate areas, and by doing so you optimize the space as a whole. Kitchens and living rooms are two very important spaces, they are the heart and soul of every home. However, kitchen and living room furniture doesn’t always suit open-plan living; this is why it’s so important to pick multipurpose pieces that can seamlessly adapt to both areas.

The guiding principle of this strategy is to keep a common style and furniture type, but to change the way it’s used. Combining kitchen and living room creates a larger and brighter space; this is also the case when space is at a premium.

Marco Rosetti, the interior designer at , has suggested several ideas. The showroom Interni Design di Giancarlo Rosetti follows a specific design philosophy. By doing so, it’s able to produce top quality projects that rely on great attention to detail, finishes and meeting clients’ precise specifications.

Projects by Interni Design have clean and simple aesthetics; this is a sign of perfection and it often leads to extraordinary ideas. What’s more, Interni Design pays great attention to detail and through great skill and craftsmanship creates the space of your dreams.

This is what Marco has chosen for you.

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