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Sofas for any taste

| Designbest editorial staff


In general, a sofa is the most important piece in every home, often the most used. After all, all the family sits on it watching TV, but it can also be used by your guests for an after dinner chat, or an informal drinks party. So, what’s the right sofa for you?


We’ve asked Claudio Morozzi to help you along this process. Claudio Morozzi owns interior design showroom Spazio 5 Arredamenti in Rome, a space which brings together Claudio’s love for top quality furniture with a customization service, so pieces can be adapted to suit individual needs. Claudio Morozzi’s idea of “everyday luxury” can be summed up with the term: Emotion! Everything which evokes emotion identifies with a way of being, how you perceive spaces and identify in them. 

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