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Stoves and fireplaces: wellness and technology

| Designbest editorial staff


he deductions and benefits provided in Italy (from the Ecobonus to the Super bonus 110%) have been designed to offer incentives to those who want to improve their home’s energy efficiency, which includes heating systems. That’s why it’s worth considering the latest models. Today, stoves and fireplaces are available in electric versions or fueled by biomass, offering many advantages.

Innovative, multimedia (they can also be controlled remotely), practical (often just an electrical outlet, and not even a chimney, is needed) and made for energy savings, the latest models allow us to warm up our homes safely and securely as they have intuitive displays which lead us through the settings, uniformly distribute heat and even purify the air by eliminating fine dusts, germs and microbes (without mentioning that they can be installed practically anywhere). However, for the most in wellness, we must pay attention to the stars: 4 or 5 is the most that a stove can receive, indicating the highest level of energy efficiency and the best performance in terms of emissions.



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