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Best Choice

The most beautiful designer living room tiles

| Designbest editorial staff


ideas for decorating your living room using designer tiles. Halfway between cladding and a large painting, designed by big names for the top brands, these decorative tiles represent a new frontier in home decor and are perfect for adding your own personal style. We can choose between tiles in different styles such as classic-modern, colourful prints inspired by the sixties and lavish details. But, we prefer tiles with abstract patterns and those less subject to changing fashions, which are certainly easier to combine with the rest of the decor than patterned tiles that could tire us quickly.

We’ve asked Egidio di Cosimo the owner of Diva Design to help us choose the newest and most beautiful collections on the scene. Diva Design is a showroom that specialises in interior finishes and bathroom decor, located in San Felice Circeo, the ancient seaside town halfway between Rome and Naples. Known for his old-world courtesy, Egidio and his sisters Palmira and Alessandra manage the business since 1982 under the family motto “kindness, expertise, taste and harmony”. 

All details on Diva Design - Store Channel


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