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Winter moods: 10 ideas for a warm and welcoming living room

| Designbest editorial staff


uring winter, when the days are short and the darkness regularly creeps up earlier than customary, it’s cold outside and humidity tries to squeeze through every gap, we appreciate more than ever our domestic walls and the evenings spent on a comfy sofa in a warm and welcoming living room. In fact, winter effectively tests whether your living room furniture is really comfortable and whether by adding several blankets, cushions and low lights, it’s equally capable of withstanding the most inhospitable season of the year.
As we are constantly looking for new products, that are generally considered an excellent idea and especially appreciated when you want to hibernate, we’ve asked Fabio Romanoni, the owner of Arredamenti Romanoni for help. A historic interior design store in Pavia, Arredamenti Romanoni was started at the end of the nineteenth century by the passion of the owner’s great-grandfather Giuseppe Romanoni, a capable and refined cabinet maker. Nowadays, it’s a contemporary interior design showroom with a display area of over 2500 sqm.

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