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Best Choice

With these colors the home is the perfect getaway

| Designbest editorial staff


t takes very little to makeover a room and create the perfect atmosphere: a pillow, a carpet, a covered wall or a special tablecloth—as long as you choose the right shade. The secret is not always going for a single color (which, let’s admit, runs the risk of becoming predictable and boring), but by expertly mixing a color palette.

If you are afraid of getting the texture or pattern wrong, keep these basic rules in mind: pastels, delicate hues and the indispensable Classic Blue—Pantone’s color for 2020—are perfect if we want a relaxing atmosphere that embraces us and makes us feel safe. Instead, warm nuances and color blocks, like bold brushstrokes, are right for energizing, stimulating creativity and giving some oomph to the furniture.

Unsure of where to start? Follow us: we have looked to textiles and special-effect wallcoverings to transform every corner into a cozy getaway. Want to bet that with just a quick change on the table, floor or sofa you will end up with an 'Arabian Night' dinner, a high-energy living room and a dreamlike bedroom?


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