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Rafael by Ethimo, outdoor dining in style

With a new way of gathering around the table, in a style that is both natural and sophisticated, here is the latest in contemporary outdoor dining.


Design will save the world

Faced with the descent of human into artificial intelligence, anthropologist Francesco Schianti’s response is: design will save us.


Cubric by Riflessi, the sideboard of the future

With a metallic glare, diamond cuts, and a custom special-effect design, this sideboard is a symbol of new contemporary style in a perfect mix of functionality, craftsmanship and pure innovation.


Cross by Scarabeo Ceramiche, the new bathroom table

It reinterprets the classic bathroom console table while standing on in its tiptoes to take up little space and adds a touch of glamour to the scene.


Arya by Cappellini, lamps that look to the East

These lamps designed by the duo of Cappellini and Facco come from an un expected mix of Asian influences, warm and velvety palettes, and timeless Muranese traditions.

Materials and innovations

Water, Fantini’s most valuable asset

Sustainability and energy savings are increasingly more relevant subjects, and companies are showing themselves to be more and more attentive to respecting the environment.


Linnut by Magis, fairy-tale lights

Strange birds that pop out amongst the furniture; curious creatures that shine during the night; fantastic characters that look as if they’ve come from a book of fables.