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Ragno: 70 years of Italian ceramics

Ragno, from a love for the land to eco-sustainable industrial production, the history of one of the oldest companies in the world’s most important ceramics district.


Up by Scarabeo, the sink that gives the kitchen personality

Simple, but innovative: a kitchen piece ahead of its time that combines design and technology.


Scacco by Talenti, outdoor furniture blending comfort and style

Captivating, relaxing, comfortable: this collection dedicated to outdoor furniture is an ode to absolute comfort.


Costume, the easily dressed eco-sofa system

With the spirit of the times in mind comes a practical, flexible and eco-sustainable modular seating system with three simple elements and super-practical cover.


Caffè Fernanda at the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan

Caffè Fernanda, the fascinating café already receiving great reviews from art enthusiasts and Milanese regulars, reconnects Pinacoteca di Brera to the city.


Immersed in nature: Prakriti Shakti Resort

Prakriti Shakti resort is a piece of heaven on Earth where one can leave it all behind and find harmony with oneself in nature’s embrace.


Paola Lenti, design intertwined with poetry

Fabric intertwined in an infinite palette; string doilies made by artisans; furniture and objects dressed in felt and woolen knots; and all of this in an atmosphere that exudes poetry...


Dock sofas, the super-modular seating system

With 84 elements to assemble, Piero Lissoni’s Dock modular seating system for B&B Italia is among the most the flexible for creating our living room.


NikolaTesla Libra by Elica, the first “balanced” hob

Three in one: here is the first hob that pulls its weight. It is a revolutionary model that not only integrates a superpowered extractor, but also includes an extremely precise scale for weighing...

Materials and innovations

Clean air in the wardobe: Air Cleaning System by Lema

To protect our health and day-to-day well-being from indoor pollution, this wardrobe takes on a new role. It changes from a simple container and becomes an active instrument, a sort of filter capable of purifying the air and contents inside.