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Square by Riflessi, the new patented table

Is it better to have a square, round, rectangular or oval table? How about one with shaped edges and an original and patented form from Riflessi?


Inside Up, the first-place hood

The Inside Up hood by Faber, the leading brand in the production of kitchen hoods, has won the Red Dot Award in the category of Product Design 2021.


Restaurant H2O: dine underwater in the Maldives

An underwater restaurant seems like a dream, but it is in fact a reality which has been designed by Lago, the all-Italian designer furniture brand. They have continued their partnership with Azemar, the international tour operator, to bring made-in-Italy design to the crystalline waters of the Maldives, taking another step into the luxury hospitality industry.


Rotin by Ethimo, the new look of tradition

Form, color and material: Ethimo, the brand leader in outdoor design, is already looking ahead to the trends of 2022 with a collection that unites this company’s iconic free spirit with their never-ending desire for renewal.


Velvet Profile by GD Arredamenti, an impeccable kitchen

The perfect kitchen has a family feel but with elegance that goes beyond the confines of the “heart of the home”, flooding into the living room with a seamless and sophisticated look.

Materials and innovations

A leap into nature with Flou

With colors, forms, shades and contrasts, Mother Nature is our artistic guide as she always capable of offering up moving scenes. That’s why Flou wanted to allow themselves to get inspired by her palette to create their new Color and Materials collection.


Stone by Baxter, the bed that designs your comfort

What do we want in a bed? We’d like it to be comforting and enveloping. We want it to reflect our preferred way of relaxing.


Frame Picture, heated images

There are many ways to decorate the walls at home: family pictures, artistic photographs or paintings.


The lift is a sensorial voyage Ad Hoc

The latest amazing proposal from IGV, a leading company in the creation and production of lifts, comes from a combination of technology, aesthetics and innovation inside a magical box.