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Augustus Style, luxury close to home

Those who have stayed at the Augustus Hotel in Forte dei Marmi can instantly recognize the symbols of Augustus Style, with its glamorous lifestyle and understated luxury: the classic Villeroy&Boch tea service, the white and soft terry bathrobe, the Gallo purse with matching swimsuit, or the camel keychain representing the Bambaissa restaurant on the beach.


Yncisa 70 opens the doors to Art Déco

Yncisa 70 is colorful and decorated on the 70th anniversary of Ferrerolegno, the Italian brand leader in the production of doors and closing systems which was founded as a small artisanal workshop in Farigliano in 1950.


Flair O’ by B&B Italia, the regal chair

Chic and practical, just as we like our chairs, this small domestic throne is a seat which embraces elegance and caters to comfort by reconciling charm and functionality.


Terratinta Group, in the name of sustainability

Sustainability, a push towards innovation, and a business approach which has a clear and ambitious vision of the future are the ingredients which make up Terratina Group, the all-Italian brand which designs and creates designer ceramics. Today it is making its debut in the world of furniture and accessories with Atmosfere, its latest brand.


La Grangette: the unique indoor garden innovating taste

It is the first garden made exclusively for the indoors: a garden with sliding shelves that you can cultivate in the home. La Grangette, conceived of by the French company of the same name and designed by Pininfarina, is a genuine hydroponic greenhouse you can place in the kitchen as if it were a fridge


Snowpouf by Caimi Brevetti, the pouf that silences

Simple, rounded, playful and practical, you can’t ask anything more from a pouf. And still, this model recalling a Chinese drum is ready to surprise us with its special sound-absorbing fabric which reduces noise and provides us with unexpected acoustic comfort.


“Drawn” ideas from Ico Migliore

Sketches, Maps, Sceneries is the collection of drawings made by Ico Migliore. This new book published by Electa gathers a selection of over 100 drawings and sketches made by the architect over the years which were mostly made in MUJI A6 sketchbooks.


883 SKIN by Di.Bi , elegance is “secured”

We need our security door to be solid, safe and, naturally, burglary-proof. And what if we also made it a beautiful and elegant interior door? Di.Bi., the brand specialized in the sector, has completely reinvented the look of the security door by adding a glass insert.