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Vitrail by Magis, mirrors that reflect style

With simple geometric shapes and bright colours, Inga Sempé transforms antique Venetian mirrors in a vibrant mix of design and contemporary art...


Light+Light by Instabilelab, the wallpaper that lights up your home

You could describe this innovative wallpaper as a “dash of light”. This spectacular landscape in fact, captures the daylight and lights up at dark, creating an evocative feel...

Materials and innovations

Altrock, an eco-innovative version of the Terrazzo tiles

The main aim was to transform traditional Terrazzo tiles into a new, stainable material. With that in mind, the London designer Robin Grasby decided to transform the waste from marble production into Altrock...


Outdoor Kitchen by Kettal, a new kitchen for your outdoors

Function, design, elegance: they are the ingredients for a “great” kitchens. Especially designed for the outside, Outdoor Kitchen by Kettal transforms the modern kitchen into a convivial kitchen.


Mygdal by Nui Studio, a garden inside of a lamp

Growing a plant in a vase creates a soothing, relaxed feel. You don’t possess a green thumb? Not to worry, this terrarium lamp takes care of your plants, creating a tiny green oasis, whether in the entrance, living room and bedroom.


Swing by Ethimo, a tiny addition to the outdoors

The sunny weather is here to stay and it encourages us to spend increasingly more time outdoors. We’ve already found the perfect piece for our new outdoor living room: an ergonomic, cocoon-like armchair that creates your personal oasis of calm.


Rivulet by Living Divani, a chair with a pure aesthetic

An archetypal contemporary chair? This is what we have: manufactured from refined materials, its bold, iconic aesthetic combines the East with the West, resulting in a sophisticated piece.


Revolving Moon by Agape, a mirror inspired by the moon

Clean and simple, it’s designed with a few distinctive strokes. With a clean aesthetic inspired by the lunar phases, this mirror takes centre stage in your bathroom.


Tape by Moroso, build your own living room

An authentic construction inspired by fashion, technology and sustainability; this is the latest “do it yourself” living room. Extremely innovative, you arrange its blocks to create endless living room schemes.