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Vitruvio by Artemide, a lamp with a mechanical intelligence

Ingenious, elegant and poetic, the new lamp designed by Atelier Oï pays a tribute to Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.


Lost by Magis, a magic lamp with a hole

An empty circle, a ring, a bold aesthetic. What are we talking about? An extremely special lamp as it creates imperceptible silhouettes with a magical light.


Astro by Tubes, home-heating that purifies the air too

Partly fan-heater, partly air-purifier and astonishingly, a bewitching piece of furniture. Astro by Tube is a smart alternative to the old electric heater...


Starman by Arketipo, the sofa of the man from the stars

Starman is David Bowie's most famous song. Inspired by the same desire to experiment with new forms of expression, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba launch into space a sculptural object that encourages you to look for your own individuality.


London: a luxury hotel in Scotland Yard’s historic headquarters

Scotland Yard, the historic headquarters of the most famous police force around the world, is converted into a luxury hotel with 153 rooms designed by Lema Contract.


Soleil by Campeggi, a deckchair with a tray

A bolster cushion that serves as a headrest, an armrest that doubles as a tray and an overall structure that folds easily. Soleil by Campeggi is a must-have for warm weather...


Belle de jour, the poetry of a newly bloomed lamp

With a poetic presence and a strong scenographic impact, Belle du jour, the new lamp by Foscarini, resembles a large, bright flower that has just bloomed.


Up5_6 by B&B: the icon of the icons is fifty years old

The Up armchair by B&B Italia, a masterpiece of “Made in Italy” design, celebrates its 50th anniversary. Designed by Gaetano Pesce, it was the first industrial product to become an authentic cultural and political icon.