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Palazzo Litta Cultura: the cultural centre in Milan

Iconic period home in the heart of Milan, Palazzo Litta has been turned into a real cultural centre. In fact, open to the public from October, the new multidisciplinary space Palazzo Litta Cultura is set to put on a wide range of events from a variety of different fields that include: art, design, photography, cinema, music, theatre and dance.


The One by The.Artceram, an elegantly innovative WC

Top-of-the-line innovation, crisp aesthetics and a rounded silhouette; this is The One by The.Artceram. The One is the latest WC designed by Meneghello Paolelli for The.Artceram.


Bookchair by Alias, a bookcase and chair combined

A wall-mounted bookcase: Bookchair is the latest open shelving by Alias, the novelty aspect lies in the fact it has a built-in chair.


Flash by Qeeboo, the lamp that mimics light

Turn your torch upside down and hey presto, a new and extremely original table lamp: Flash by Qeeboo. This design by Studio Job, couldn’t have been anything other than original, fun and dramatic.


Riflessi in 10 frames

New emerging brand on the Italian interior design scene, Riflessi manufactures a wide range of pieces, especially designed to satisfy the needs of contemporary living.


Sahara by Giorgetti, the all-relaxing armchair

Sahara by Giorgetti invites us to relax and we won’t let this opportunity slip past: the perfect armchair to sink in and to unwind in total freedom. Are you ready to be cuddled all winter-long?