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ph: courtesy Gruppo Euromobil

| Designbest editorial staff


ounded in 1972, Gruppo Euromobil has evolved over the years by following the intervening changes in the furniture market. Today it is internationally renowned and one of the sector’s most important Italian industrial enterprises. Thanks to the entrepreneurial foresight and vision of the owners—brothers Antontio, FIorenzo, Gaspare and Giancarlo Lucchetta—today Gruppo Euromobil offers a wide range of décor for home and work spaces, guaranteeing high-quality design, planning and technical skills. Under the artistic direction of Roberto Gobbo, high caliber designers like Marc Sadler and Matteo Thun have collaborated with the Group.  It is made up of three business units: Euromobil for kitchens, Zalf for furniture and décor and Désirée for upholstered furniture. All of the Group’s production is strictly Made in Italy.

NEW 2021

Rito by Désirée, simply “THE” desk

NEW 2021

Totem by Euromobil, a bookcase to experience

Gruppo Euromobil: 2020 revealed in five words by Lucchetta brothers

NEW 2020

Ludwig by Désirée, a seating system for style rigorists

NEW 2020

SpaceMakers by Zalf: designing the architecture of everyday space

NEW 2020

Telero. Euromobil’s iconic kitchen gets an update!


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