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ph: courtesy Lema

| Designbest editorial staff


ounded in 1970 by the Meroni family, Lema - an acronym of Luigi and Enrico Meroni Arredamenti- built itself up in the heart of Brianza, the historical district of Italian furniture. Encounters with architects and designers have been key in the success of its production, which has always focused on the creative quality of its proposals and on technological innovation. The Group, among the leaders in Made in Italy production, is currently made up of the Lema Casa, Lema Contract and Office divisions with IOC Project Partners. It is a complex global entity whose production is aimed at customizable solutions. Thanks to profound synergy in the company’s various personalities, it is able to satisfy every design, aesthetic and functional demand both from consumers and professionals.

NEW 2021

Recyclable and tailormade: the perfect wardrobe

NEW 2021

The MyNight bed is the essence of comfort

Lema: 2020 revealed in five words by Angelo Meroni

NEW 2020

Sideboard Florens, a pure solid

NEW 2020

Sesto by Lema, the new archetype of elegance

NEW 2020

Seating Lucylle, refinement with vintage echoes


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