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ph: courtesy Novodomo

| Designbest editorial staff


nowledge, passion and technique are the pillars of  Novodomo, a company who has channeled the artisanal experience and tradition of its territory into a modernized production capable of offering both refined and functional products. Its creative concept is deeply rooted in luxury goods 100% made in Italy and, going back even further, in the careful selection of the highest-quality materials resistant to wear. Wood, glass, leather and steel are the stars of Novodomo’s long-lasting products, which are made to captivate you and enhance spaces. The collections represent a perfect balance between the recognizable features of tradition and original combinations of contemporary design. Striking chairs, bold tables, charming beds and mirrors are made thanks to the ability of Novodomo’s artisans and the careful supervision of the entire process, from conception to the final product and even during customizations of personalized products..

Novodomo: 2020 revealed in five words by Giuseppe Rigato


April  by Novodomo, as delicate as a flower


Kaleido by Novodomo, looking at yourself through design


Touchdown by Novodomo, the sporty pouf


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