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ph: courtesy Ragno

| Designbest editorial staff


agno is one of the leading, historical Italian ceramic tile companies throughout the world. Founded in Sassuolo, Italy in 1949, it quickly became a leader in the Italian ceramic district with tiles for the home and, since the sixties and seventies, with the production of glazed tiles destined for the various branches of the construction sector both nationally and internationally. With the introduction of state-of-the-art and automated manufacturing technologies in the eighties, production expanded to fit the changing demands and tastes of consumers. Today Ragno distinguishes itself for its precise and reliable solutions that are always in line with the latest interior design and furniture trends, but also meant to last: porcelain stoneware, monoporous white paste and mosaics stylishly decorate the projects for the home and contract worlds .



Collection Realstone Navigli, the Ceppo di Gré stone effect


Resina by Ragno, the haute-couture ceramic trend


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