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ph: courtesy Riflessi

| Designbest editorial staff


iflessi was founded in Ortona, Abruzzo in 1990. It is an important institution in the furniture and design sector which has grown over the years with undisputed success with the public and in business. Its manufacturing is geared toward a high-end market with strictly Made In Italy products capable of bringing together artisanal knowhow and design. Its approach to design shows clear love for its roots through the recovery and promotion of local craftsmanship by selecting specialized suppliers in the area. The Center for Research and Development of Riflessi is the heart and soul from which the collections originate. It is where every piece of furniture and functional solution gets conceived and designed. All of the production is carried out in the company’s factories in Italy and undergo a rigorous amount of quality control before going on the market.

NEW 2021

Square by Riflessi, the new patented table

Riflessi: 2020 revealed in five words by Luigi Fammiano

NEW 2020

Meghan by Riflessi: lounging in design

NEW 2020

Mark time to a Mediterranean rhythm



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