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40 candles for Di.Bi.!

| Designbest editorial staff


et up in 1976 as a small workshop, Italian brand Di.Bi. is proud to celebrate 40 years in the business. In this relatively short span, Di.Bi. has made a name for itself as a worldwide leader in the field of home security. Technical research, innovation and cutting edge designs; this is Di.Bi. However, Di.Bi. doesn’t just design and manufacture armored doors, in fact it’s constantly expanding its range of products, now also offering cladded doors and security systems for windows and internal doors. And to better illustrate its history, Di.Bi. has made an extremely evocative video, which references the overall style of the brand. This video is inspired by "The Door", a poem by Miroslav Holub, a twentieth century scientist known for adding a sense of poetry to his scientific research; this pairing is most representative of Di.Bi. 

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