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Antrax IT: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

After years of experience in the thermohydraulic and bathroom furniture sectors, in 1996 Alberico Crosetta decided, together with Ivano, Andrea and Luigi Crosetta, to found Antrax IT. The success acquired in 25 years of business is a product of the intuition of  Alberico Crosetta and his founding members to invest in quality design from early on, bringing a technical product considered to be at the margins of aesthetics like radiators into the world of architecture by giving them their own defined and independent value. Alberico Crosetta carries out the role of CEO for Antrax IT.

Alberico Crosetta  tells Designbest about the five keywords for  Antrax IT in 2020: 


“Since the beginning of our company we have offered a new way of looking at heat with the creation of heating solutions capable of going beyond their specific functions in order to be transformed into ‘elements that furnish by generating living wellness’. Our goal has brought us to reinterpret a common object of everyday use, like the radiator, into a creative component of contemporary décor capable of expertly uniting technology and aesthetics. With this is in mind, we have created radiators that are real and true objects of design, distinct elements in the interior architecture which, in addition to carrying out their primary function of heating, enhance the space where they are found. They give off sensations of wellness and reflect the style, tastes and personality of those who among them. Our Griffe “Design for People” line of radiators comes from a collaboration with the most world-renowned designers like Andrea Crosetta, Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo, Francesco Lucchese, Massimo Iosa Ghini, Victor Vasilev, Peter Rankin, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Daniel Libeskind, Marc Sadler and Piero Lissoni. Together with these great names in architecture and design we have created what can be called designer radiators—hi-tech and aesthetically cared for products.”


“All of our radiators, whether in aluminum or carbon steel, are 100% recyclable and have been designed to bring maximum thermal efficiency together with the highest quality heating with reduced water consumption and a trademarked assembly system to optimize performance. Behind each product’s design there is also considerable and constant research in order to equip ourselves with the latest technology in order to reach our green goal for the safeguarding of natural resources and the environment. This vision does not only concern the product, but our company as a whole. Since 2011, our headquarters has been made to be energetically autonomous: a photovoltaic system equal to 240,000 kwh/annually installed on our shed roofing, favoring the site’s natural lighting as well, reduces energy consumption. In the production area, the raw heating elements, before being coated, undergo an innovative treatment based on nanotechnologies that help avoid polluting compounds like phosphate and heavy metals. Finally, the recycled cardboard packaging wraps the completed radiators ready to be delivered to the client. Our ecological commitment involves the entire production chain and adds essential value to the made in Italy design of our products.”


“By offering aesthetic and designer heating solutions, users have begun to choose their designer radiator with the same care they give to other pieces in their home. That’s why we realized that it was necessary to offer the possibility of customizing projects, both in size and finish. Our production is made up of a wide range of models that go from designer products to more standard models of the home and bath line “Design for living and bathroom” in order to respond to different needs. Our products are highly customizable from every point of view, starting from power supply: hot water, electric or mixed. In case of water powering, we supply the possibility to choose between various plugs so as to make the substitution of an existing radiator easier. The concept of customization reaches its pinnacle with the Serie T radiator, designed by Studio Thum, considered to be a tailormade radiator because it is customizable in every detail and can be made according to the customer’s needs. The increased ability to customize our designer radiators is also found in the over 200 finishes including RAL colors, special Antrax IT colors, glossy or matte finishes and, for some models, even galvanic finishes. In this way, our products are fit for every need in any space, from the living room to the kitchen and bathroom.”


“The technical part concealed in our radiators has been specifically studied to unite maximum thermal efficiency to the highest quality heating and optimizing its performance. This allows for a reduction in consumption and the ability to obtain the highest possible thermal performance levels in less time. Innovation for us means a continuous study of technologies to bring aesthetics and performance together in every product, and also an thorough study to allow for the creation of designer radiators that amaze for their innovative functions like Byobu designed by Marc Sadler. Byobu has the features of a radiator based on the movement and interaction with the user: it is designed to move at 180 degrees and allows one to direct the panels (whether single or double) to the most suitable position. And there is Waffle as well, which comes from molded, raw cast aluminum in order to maintain material porosity and evoke historical cast iron radiators in high-performing modern designer radiator. Waffle is truly the perfect product for renovations and for those who wish to mix history and modernity.”


“Another important theme for Antrax is creating products that generate wellness. Each of our products is conceived to enrich and create comfort inside the room in which it is installed, whether it is a domestic or hospitality space. Wellness lies in the superior heating quality generated by designer radiators that use low temperatures and create tiny difference between perceived temperatures between the floor level and ceiling level. Additionally, wellness and comfort are also found in the possibility of having warm towels when one gets out of the shower or bath, successfully improving everyday living through a product. Our company thinks about this aspect each time a new product gets designed—the possibility of improving the end user’s life through small but important gestures.”



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