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Radiator Serie T, design Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Antrax IT.


| Designbest editorial staff


bstract forms and ethereal atmospheres in black and white, heating bodies suspended in imaginary spaces and matched with some of the most well-known and evocative designers icons, the new catalog of Antrax IT is a product philosophy manifesto. It definitively places one of the most well-known and appreciated high-quality designer radiator brands into the world of the great design classics.

The company, founded in 1996 by Alberico Crosetta, developed an intrinsic concept of radiator design by focusing on, in addition to the technological innovation of radiators, their aesthetic qualities, going on to transform reviled old wall radiators into designer objects and sculptural centerpieces of décor. Important designer names were called upon to collaborate on product development—Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Daniel Libeskind, Victor Vasilev and Piero Lissoni, Peter Rankin and Andrea Crosetta—well-known designers who have brought Antrax IT plenty of recognition and countless awards over the years.

In the new catalog we can follow the brand’s fascinating path from 2005 to today, getting to know the designers and their most successful and iconic projects: from the brand new Waffle radiator designed by Piero Lissoni—in the photos next to the stereo designed in the sixties by Achille Castiglioni for Brionwega—to the symbolic couple Oreste & Emma, ironically combined with the Cactus by Gufram of the seventies; the timeless Tubone radiator matched to the legendary Gilera with the fifties red tank.

The proverbial attention to design and meticulous care to details of Antrax IT come across perfectly in the volume’s pages. The catalog is the result of the careful work done in collaboration with the interior stylist Cristina Romanello and the photographers of Emozione studio. On its cover in an empty space there lies a little orange parallelepiped representing the concept of creativity, the brand’s true DNA and its common thread #orangeinside.



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