Arclinea in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


rclinea is a leading name in the world of kitchen design; this brand goes as far back as the beginning of the twentieth century. Arclinea was first set up in 1925 as a joinery and throughout the course of the century, it steadily grew to become one of the most sought after kitchen manufactures in the business. Arclinea is known for stressing the importance of top quality research and innovation; this is precisely what makes it a real record breaker: in 1958 Thea was the first modular kitchen to be entirely made out of natural timber, in 1963 Claudia was the first kitchen to have integrated appliances. The brand’s innovative approach is exactly what has helped it anticipate future trends: for example in 1978 it published "Cucina in cucina", a recipe book which gathered recipes from around Italy, written up by the brand’s clients. Today, Arclinea offers an exclusive range of kitchens, which bring together tradition and cutting edge technology, just like the Italia, Artusi and Convivium kitchens.

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