Campeggi in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


rony, practicality and vibrancy; this is Campeggi in brief. Throughout the years, Italian brand Campeggi has made a name for itself for its modular designs and extremely creative style. This brave new world is made of kooky pieces, which will undoubtedly make you smile. Standouts include: a chair with a built-in basketball hoop, an inflatable bed, a portable sofa and an ottoman which turns into a vacuum cleaner. Campeggi’s rich selection also includes sofa-beds built with intuitive mechanisms, ottomans, daybeds and armchairs with extraordinary silhouettes and unconventional features. Campeggi works in partnership with a number of top designers the calibre of Vico Magistretti, Denis Santachiara and Matali Crasset, just to name a few. 

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