Ragno in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


n iconic name is the ceramic tile industry, Ragno designs and manufactures flooring and interior finishes in a vast range of styles, suitable for private homes and public spaces. One of the most prestigious ceramic tile manufactures around the world, Ragno was started in 1949 in Sassuolo, northern Italy, right at the heart of an industrial district traditionally linked to the production of ceramics. Great attention to detail, cutting-edge material research, refined aesthetics and an eye towards a sustainable production process; this is why Ragno represents the best the Italian industry has to offer. Tile series are in either porcelain stoneware or in a monoporous white paste finish, suitable for indoors and out and designed for private homes as well as public spaces. Tiles come in a vast range of styles, from traditional-looking tiles to tiles that mimic the material qualities of timber and stone, from hexagonal-shaped tiles to brick-format tiles. This extremely vast selection is in line with all the latest trends in home décor, plus these designs are so versatile they can easily adapt to any environment. 

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