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Cordivari: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Luca Di Giannatale has been the Marketing and Communications manager at Cordivari since 2013. After almost a decade of experience as Cordivari’s sales manager, he arrived at the head of the Marketing department where he creates comprehensive strategies.

Luca Di Giannatale tells Designbest about the five keywords for Cordivari in 2020:  


“We pay a lot of attention to staying on top of the current furniture trends, looking into and exploring contemporary solutions that can be integrated with the rest of the home’s style. In addition to lines, we also concentrate on the color palette, which gets periodically renewed both in shades and finishes. Today the Cordivari Color Range boasts of over 80 colors with glossy, matte or textured finishes. The VNT fan coil unit is an example of what we want to highlight. It is a traditionally unappealing element that, thanks to the use of color, has essentially become a décor accessory.”


“The idea of creating a unique and exclusive element, almost like work of art, is a concept that has always appealed to us. At end of the nineties we launched the Picture series, a line of customizable radiators with images chosen by the client. Over time, the Picture range has been expanded, even offering works designed by the artist Mariano Moroni, graphical compositions and artistic photos, in addition to the standard possibility of imprinting a lasting personal photo. It is an original way to keep memories and emotions alive, in addition to the certainty of having a unique and private product.”


Over the course of our history we have been faced with numerous challenges, from design to production, aesthetics and tech. The situation we are experiencing has us dealing with new conditions, which is why we are working on the redefinition and replanning of our product presentations and how they will be carried out. We are looking to support the entire supply chain in the best way by providing assistance and training. Continual improvement is the essence of our works, as is testified by a phrase of Cav. Ercole Cordivari in our company mission, “Our company will exist as long as we have the desire to improve.”


“This word sums up the search for the best solutions during the entire product development phase, both on the level of processing and engineering. Through this practice knowhow gets developed and consolidated, becoming the company’s patrimony of knowledge and making up its distinctive traits. Through the development of technique, it has been possible to identify innovative and unique solutions that have brought our company to file dozens of trademarks and models that today work in the service of comfort, reliability and the performance of our products.”


“Especially in the bathroom, designer radiators have a practical function in addition to aesthetics and climate control. Our work carried out in the bathroom has constantly brought us to confront this theme. The desire for products that also express excellence in ergonomics has brought us to search for solutions that favor optimal interaction with the object. Thus, the theme of use and ergonomics has characterized many of our best projects. Through the study of form, the adoption of specific components and the design of dedicated accessories, ergonomic aspects can be enhanced in order to restore use that brings comfort beyond the traditional concepts of heating and aesthetics of a beautiful object. We work hard in this way because we want our radiators to be both beautiful to use and safe for those who experience the home with us.”



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