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| Designbest editorial staff


ith both reason and emotion, dream and reality, the Italian couture furniture brand Cornelio Cappellini expresses its concept of home design.

It is a philosophy that comes from passion for furniture and profound know-how, with roots in Italian craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation.

In fact, Cornelio Cappellini is a family company. Founded in the 1950s in Brianza, the world’s leading district for furniture manufacturing, the company has always been led by the Cappellini family (first by its founder Cornelio who then passed the reigns on to his children) and has gone from the production of classic furniture to more contemporary trends.

cornelio cappellini

Hessentia | Cornelio Cappellini Collection

Today’s designs utilize strong glamorous accents, prized materials and experimental production techniques that bring together its traditions rooted in high-quality craftsmanship with new forms of creativity. Crystals, noble metals, fabrics and leathers are blended in a combination of luxury and timeless elegance, as can be seen in its latest collection Hessentia: each piece exhibits personality and versatility, going beyond contemporary aesthetic and qualitative standards.

Forms, colors and materials mold the space by communicating in perfect harmony with various contexts and by leaving their indelible stylistic mark with unique decorative effects. There is the woven fabric, the circular mosaic, the jewel decoration and the refined upholstery. There is no lack of prized and high-end materials: from Venetian handblown glass to rare marble (Italians ones like Calacatta Oro and Fior di Pesco to those coming from distant lands like Patagonia or Ocean Storm).

cornelio cappellini

Hessentia | Cornelio Cappellini Collection

All of it speaks the language of pure creativity: the sofas, tables, wardrobes, chairs and accessories contain the excellence of Italian design (from the concept to the final product) with artistic influences that leave one speechless. The atmosphere is more of an “artist’s workshop” or a “design atelier”, where master craftsmen take turns at creating skillful and high-quality pieces, while state-of-the-art technology shapes the contours of each piece with pinpoint precision.

The concept of mass production doesn’t exist at Cornelio Cappellini. Each piece is unique and carries a distinct trait that sets it apart from previous ones, with a sartorial approach always front and center. The brand’s design is setting the latest boundaries of a skillful and refined tradition with processes that unite manual know-how with cutting-edge technology.

The results are products with exclusive allure that provide unexpected artistic inspirations and add personality to any space.




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