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Culti House

| Designbest editorial staff


hirty years ago Alessandro Agrati, an entrepreneur as well as an eclectic and visionary designer, focused on one main concept: to connect spaces and objects with a specific scent, so people could experience any environment through the sense of smell as well.

Our recent visit to the Culti House in Forte dei Marmi, one of the brand’s olfactory stores located all around Italy (from Milan to Bari and from Naples to Turin), was the right moment to learn more about the history as well as the background of this original idea, groundbreaking for the period.

It was the year 1988, when Alessandro Agrati began his personal adventure, looking for a link between the design industry and the five senses. And two years later, this brilliant idea gave life to Culti Milano, a brand destined to revolutionise everyday life.

Passion, elegance, beauty and an appreciation for Italian design: these principles pushed Alessandro to start a new project blending culture with style (the name Culti comes from here) and this generated a top quality creative itinerary. Alessandro was capable of creative a new world too: one with scented sticks for the home.

These wicker stick in fact, are the original result of this new lifestyle concept. With the design inspired by the iconic milk bottle, these simple, scented sticks, made for the first time in 1990, soon became design icons in their own right. Culti was the brand to manufacture this unique design (extremely copied nowadays), capable of diffusing our favourite fragrance. “Culti invented the ritual of burning sticks” explains a satisfied Alessandro Agrati: this is the culture of the space.

Culti presents an innovative concept of perfumery: making the most of unique, raw materials found in nature that can’t be replicated, used to create fragrances that are extraordinarily simple as well as distinguishable. 15 fragrances in 20 years, because it takes at least four to five years to make a good scent. These scents aren’t simple home fragrances however, but scents you can yourself: a fragrance that identifies us, an olfactory memory that accompanies us in the home and in life.

Culti’s fragrances help us feel better, a means of comfort, capable at the same time of giving us a world of timeless elegance. Only a few perfumed notes have been carefully studied by the Olfactory Laboratory: this is the only way to obtain the best and every fragrance, natural and non-toxic, becomes unique and timeless. But the olfactory secret of Culti is also contained in the ability of these fragrances to tune perfectly with all the others, to create each time a different perfume, the one that fits perfectly on us and our home.

Culti offers "the garden inside the bottle" as Allessandro Agrati suggests, yet it bottles emotions too, or outs them in candles, sprays, pads and the bathroom line: objects that become true sensorial experiences and perfume our daily lives, becoming accessories that dialogue with light, design and space.

In the same way as the new capsule collection personalized by three artists: to emphasize, once again, the scent of elegance.


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