Dada in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


nnovation, superior quality materials and partnerships with top designers; this is Dada, one of the main kitchen manufacturers around the world. In 1979 Dada was acquired by Italian business group Molteni&C; this is the year everything changed for the brand. At the same time, the kitchen world was undergoing a revolution, becoming the real heart of the home. Kitchens were now being designed and manufactured in a greater variety than ever before, including bespoke designs, modular components and cutting edge technology. Throughout the years, Dada has produced many record breaking pieces, like the Futura shelf with innovative ergonomics and Banco, the first wall-mounted kitchen ever to be manufactured. Dada kitchens have clean aesthetics and great attention to detail, plus there are a vast number of units and fittings to choose from. In fact, the brand’s seven standard units can be used to build infinite designs.

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