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Duravit: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Pierluigi Sgarabotto has been CEO of Duravit Italia since 2016. A graduate in management engineering with a Master’s in Business Administration from CUOA Business School and the University of Michigan, he has built up his professional career by mainly dealing with Sales & Marketing, a field where he gained essential experience which shaped his undisputed management skills and which saw him cover a similar CEO position before entering Duravit Italia.

Pierluigi Sgarabotto tells Designbest about the five keywords for Duravit in 2020:  


“Expertise in design is the essence of the Duravit brand. Duravit’s design is original, sustainable and consistent throughout its work. The foundation is based on a design grounded in archetypal and elementary base forms. We are modern but we do not follow trends; we are not tied to the times; we are more minimal than opulent; we integrate technology aimed at comfort, but never at the expense of forms; and we offer a consistent design in the whole bathroom through single products: everything matches and comes together for a comprehensive design. We collaborate with an important network of world-renowned designers like Philippe Starck and Cecilie Manz. We are not interested in “design for design’s sake”. For us quality design is distinguished not only by aesthetics, but equally by functionality and sustainability. Nobody wants design with an expiration date. That’s why all of our series are marked by modern and timeless forms that do not follow trends.”


“For us quality is the result of the combination of craftsmanship and technology. Even if we live in a time with increasingly more automation, when we are dealing with designer products high levels of functionality, the quality is still a question of human skill. That’s why we continue to maintain a high level of manual labor where it is important to guarantee these high standards. This holds true for both the production of ceramic fixtures and the rest of Duravit’s manufacturing. In the manufacturing of ceramics, Duravit undoubtedly has a long tradition and special knowhow. We have produced high-precision and high-quality ceramics since our founding in 1817. We are always trying to create innovative products in this sector like DuraCeram, HygieneGlaze 2.0 or the c-bonded and c-shaped technologies.”


“For Duravit technology must always aim for the comfort of those who use our products. We always start from the perspective of the user and we do not utilize technical for technology’s sake. Technology aimed towards comfort must be integrated into the whole design in a sustainable way and must add value in everyday use. Duravit continually develops innovation in every sector, from materials to a rinsing system, electrotechnics of lighting system, sound and jacuzzi. Aesthetics, touch, acoustics and usability play an important role in this regard. These special pairings combined with our ability to innovate allows for a meaningful digitalization of the bathroom. In this way, we can respond to the current and future needs of our clients.”


“Everyone speaks about sustainability today. Duravit has been practicing it for many years in its choice of materials, use of technologies and manufacturing processes. A product’s sustainability is not created by chance, but it already emerges from conception to the moment of production. That’s why Duravit has invested significant means, time and energy into research and development for decades—a commitment that has always turned out to be successful for the company, its clients and the environment. Finding efficient solutions for the consumption of water and energy is a focal point for our researchers and designers, but eco-compatible production, long-lasting forms and ease in product assemble are also very important. In order to obtain the best results, Duravit is in continuous dialogue with its clients, dealers, specialized artisans and end users.”


“Duravit offers a wide and complete range of products to furnish the bathroom according to one’s needs and tastes. The numerous series, forms, materials, sizes, finishes allow for the creation of the bathroom of one’s dreams. The bathroom is increasingly becoming a room to live and relax in, a vital space where attention should be focused on the various needs of those who inhabit it. Thus, Duravit offers modern solutions for all tastes so everyone can create an original and tailor-made bathroom.”



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