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Ethimo: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Gian Paolo Migliaccio is the owner and CEO of Ethimo, one the leading Italian companies in the outdoor sector.

Gian Paolo Migliaccio tells Designbest about the five keywords for Ethimo in 2020:  


“For its collection Ethimo takes inspiration from the most beautiful Mediterranean landscapes: the fascinating opulence of their nature, architectural history, traditional craftsmanship and warm colors that compose their personalities and emotions, creating a real and true outdoor lifestyle. Each piece of décor is in harmony with the environment where it is found; it almost becomes an extension of the space in its material and chromatic features. The Botanical Gardens in Palermo and the Tonnara of Scopello, like the glamorous coasts of Mykonos, highlight these concepts of wellness and beauty that only such magical places can give us, creating continuity between nature and design that has nothing to do with artifice.”


“All of our projects place the concept of “environment” at their center, understood as nature and a space to be appreciated, reserving particular attention for that which comes from its design and already gets shaped by the choice in materials. The wood used is FSC certified and only comes from controlled forests which undergo rigorous reforestation. Moreover, the paints are non-toxic and the fiber is recyclable. The conscious choice of placing constant attention on the quality of the materials and respect for the nature that creates it has us always looking for new ways of expressing both natural and synthetic materials, while guaranteeing incomparable comfort and the highest attention to detail. Our collections are designed for living in continuity with the outdoors without interrupting it. Ethimo embraces the environment, engages it and makes it unique.”


“Over the years we have created important collaborations with Italian and internationals designers in order to interpret spaces and the seasons in a perfect balance between nature, contemporary design, the culture of design and emotions. Patrick Norguet, Luca Nichetto, Marc Sadler, Emmanuel Gallina, Mattia Albicini, Marcello Ziliani, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Chritophe Pillet and Paola Navone are some of the names with which we speak about the “Ethimo Life Experience”. We want to give space to a plurality of languages that coexist within Ethimo’s style and which express nuances, interpretations and innovative characters, all of which follow the same common thread. We have created collections that have become icons of outdoor design and characterize important and exclusive projects all over the world with style and elegance.”


“Ethimo’s design deals with noble and innovative materials that are naturally mixed with one another, creating unexpected pairings that are cared for in every detail. New shades of colors and original finishes characterize every outdoor project, decorating every space with a specific finish: the sea, pool, city and mountains. Teak and a wide selection of fabrics become living materials that furnish and customize every outdoor space. The Knit and Kilt collections harmoniously match woven rope to teak; the Esedra line unites fiber, metal and teak, giving life to a material combination that creates unexpectedly beautiful and extremely comfortable lounge seating and dining sets. Ethimo was the first to conceive of an entire line made for a high-altitude environment, the Allapert collection. When it is combined with other materials and finishes it fits perfectly with other types of spaces: Urban, Grand Hotel, Camping chic.”


“The original core of Ethimo’s collections comes from color. The first line produced is called Flower and it is available in 13 different colors that are inspired by spring blossoms. Color has accompanied us from the very beginning and still carries essential value with it. Inspired by the Mediterranean, we love the sunshine of the landscape, the colors and the shades of the land, sea, plants and wood. Even the fabrics that characterize the cushions like the woven fiber of our carpets strongly reference the colors of the Mediterranean landscape. The Rafael collection, from the creativity of Paola Navone, is perhaps the trait d'union of everything mentioned above; it is a line that speaks of a way of living outdoors, nature’s materials and forms, and color through its cushion fabric, which is characterized by bright colors alternated with softer shades as happens in nature.”



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