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Faber: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Serena Sorana, born in 1980 in Italy’s Marche region, graduated in economics and later completed a master’s program in “Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management” at the Università Politecnica delle Marche. After her university studies, she joined the Indesit Company, carrying out various roles over ten years of collaboration: from Planning & Control Sales Business Built In, to Brand Marketing Manager Hotpoint-Ariston for the Italian market, then moving onto Product Marketing Head Quarter. She has been Faber’s Marketing Manager since 2015.

Serena Sorana tells Designbest about the five keywords for Faber in 2020 :  


“With the same spirit that brought Faber to invent the first kitchen hood, today we continue to invest in order to propose new solutions. All of our experience and the reason Faber is a leading company in the production of hoods can be seen in our continually advancing technological developments in air quality. Research into continual improvement is also our main impetus to offering products which are always improving in performance, not just in terms of extraction and filtering, but also in silence, usability and comfort. Our desire for innovation doesn’t end with technology but also em-braces forms, materials, colors and services…”


“Air has always been our raw material. We are constantly concentrating on developing products that improve wellness indoors because we are certain that the hood can significantly contribute to im-proving the quality of the hours we spend inside our homes. We work on projects that go beyond traditional filtration to contribute to making air quality healthier throughout the home in a confirma-tion of our claim “Air Matters”, which completely sums up our mission: a goal that we want to carry out by raising awareness of indoor pollution.”


“The combination of design and functionality is essential because the hood must first of all be high-performing, but it must also be understood as an object of décor that completes the kitchen, which is being considered more and more as a living space. Experimentation in forms, state-of-the-art materials and innovative finishes are proposed to decorate our technologies with style and elegance in order to win over the consumer also from an aesthetic point of view. This care has also brought us to establish collaborations with prestigious designers capable of interpreting the latest trends.”


“The Marche region is a part of Faber’s history. The connection with the territory and its values has always characterized our company and inspired our work, and we’d like to underline it with initia-tives and partnerships in support of the community. Faber did not forget this concern during the re-cent health crisis, donating equipment to the Riuniti Hospitals in Ancona. With the same passion, we also want to develop a more direct and continuous dialogue with customers, implementing digi-tal and social channels and customer care services: a strategy we invest in that was particularly suc-cessful during the weeks of lockdown.”


“Attention to people and their wellbeing is indispensable for Faber and also gets expressed through the commitment to concretely promote our support for the safeguarding of the environment. Our comprehensive “Air Matters” mission objective is to make products at a low energy impact and more sustainable production processes, as well as promoting marketing activity that consistently aims at contributing to the challenges of safeguarding our planet. The recent “Faber Forest Air” ini-tiative, made in collaboration with the online platform Treedom, will plant a small forest of 200 ca-cao trees in Cameroon that will absorb 11 tons of carbon dioxide and help protect the soil and bio-diversity of this geographic area. Moreover, the trees will be entrusted to locals, guaranteeing a concrete socioeconomic benefit to the local community.”



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