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Fantini: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

Daniela Fantini, the current President and CEO of Fantini Rubinetti, entered the company from a very young age and has taken on its identity, passion and technical and production skills. She pays close attention to product development together with a team of trustworthy collaborators, and is supported by her natural inclination for beauty and design. This is why she takes advantage of the creative contributions of the best Italian and international designers. She truly believes in design-oriented proposals, and this is where she puts her enthusiasm, contents, certifications and numerous awards obtained throughout her entrepreneurial career.

Daniela Fantini tells Designbest about the five keywords for Fantini in 2020:  


“Fantini’s history is marked by passion and I gathered so much of it from my father Giovanni and uncle Fino (Ersilio), the company’s founders, and their way of approaching work. They both found passion in doing things well and producing something that someone would appreciate as if it were a unique product. Beyond calculations and rational planning, passion is something that pushes us to support what we love and wish to create. It is the strength that allows us to believe in our dreams and at times reach surprising results.”


“Our way of making products comes from long ago and has been consistent over time in order to pursue our founding values. I started to work in the company towards the end of the eighties during the glory days of ‘I Balocchi’, the first collection that introduced the use of color in taps. From here I immediately understood that I had beautiful career ahead.  I had just started, but I decided that I would dedicate myself to new challenges, to create original and innovative taps by working with a team of knowledgeable collaborators. We invest a large part of our energy into the product because it is the primary factor in determining our identity and communication, as typically happens for companies like Fantini that make up the phenomenon of "Italian factories of design".”


“Fantini is a company that bases itself on making beautiful things—taps and shower systems—that are aesthetically enjoyable and comfortable in their use: innovating is one of the rules we never lose sight of. Our technical office is probably “sui generis”. I often ask my counterparts to look at solutions from another point of view and to research and experiment with a propensity for design and innovation.”


“I think that moderation is a central value that has always belonged to Fantini and our way of managing the company and relationships, and a guideline for our way of thinking about future development. We try not be over-the-top in our general behavior, in the definition of our products and in the choices that contribute to creating the architecture of our spaces.”


“When I speak about ethics, I mean to speak about many important things for me: First of all, Fantini wishes to be a humane company where attention to the territory and people is always of upmost importance. Direct relationships, listening, and hospitality are values that we have always cultivated in this company. Ethics mean respect and fairness with regards to people, seriousness, a sense of duty and a desire to make something for the territory and people.”



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