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Fantini Headquarters - Lago d’Orta  (ph: courtesy Fantini)

| Designbest editorial staff


rom the lake to the world. This is the idea that has pushed Fantini —the Italian tap and fittings company that has carried forward a project of quality, ethical business practices and respect for the environment since 1947— to give a new form to water.

In the beginning what took precedence for the brand’s founders Giovanni and Ersilio Fantini was a desire to be relevant for things done right (rather than to expand into a big company in both size and numbers). And it is exactly this spirit that has made Fantini a reference point for the entire bathroom sector.

Artisanal know-how, industrial technology, innovative design and care for the environment coexist in perfect equilibrium in this brand’s modus operandi, with an eye always fixed on the land. Its land, where the Fantini family roots are located: Orta Lake, the shores where Daniela Fantini, who has been at the helm of the company since the 1980s, not only lives, but where the company also resides in a constant dialogue with the water of the lake.

“Understanding the lake better means not only getting near it, but getting inside it”, says Daniela Fantini, with the warmth of someone speaking about home, emotions and family. And in fact, in the factory redesigned by Piero Lissoni, everything is focused on this sense of belonging, in a blend of nature and the daily rhythms of those who work there.

Large glass windows, bright spaces, a view onto the lake: offices, showrooms and a warehouse bathe in the light and are filled with the sounds of the water in an atmosphere that immediately highlights the genius loci of Fantini. It’s the brand’s philosophy that encapsulates it, with special attention given to the surrounding territory and the places of the past and history of the family. And it is not just a magnificent backdrop: in this place one can sense the invisible energy of the landscape. It is the water that gives form to the projects and helps Fantini shape its aesthetic; and it is the memory of the place, always being highlighted, that shapes its identity.

What results are exclusive, timeless and minimalist products capable of saying something new through the eyes of the many international designers (from Thun and Rodriguez to Naoko Fukasawa, Piero Lissoni, Michael Anastassiades, just to name a few) who are always able to work in perfect synergy with the brand.

Versatile products that instantly become icons. Case in point? The collection Icona Deco + Icona Classic by minimalist designer Vincent Van Duysen: a reinterpretation of the classic tap that doesn’t look to fads or trends, but plays with functionality, ergonomics, comfort and refined proportions

And it perfectly reflects the brand’s philosophy, i.e. the highest standards of design and a push to experimentation while always respecting the history of the place. This is the true mission of Fantini, which continues to invest in its own territory. Water is a precious resource for everyone and it is Fantini’s true source of inspiration. It is not by chance that among its environmental projects there are several where water is the true protagonist, as in the case of a study monitoring the lake water (thanks to the sailboat Caipirinha Fantini’s sensors that collected the data in real time to transmit it by radio to the CNR laboratories in Verbania) or with theproject 100 Fontane Fantini for Africa, a social project that brought the construction of an aqueduct to over 100 fountains in various villages in Burundi, one the poorest countries in Africa.

Whether we are speaking about design, products, social issues or sustainability, Fantini’s attitude is always the same: carry forward a history of passion and professionality by extending the beauty that flows from one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy.


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