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Fantini, the factory on the water

| Designbest editorial staff



factory that looks over Lake Orta, a place on the shores that plays with the reflections and dialogues constantly with the surrounding water. This is Fantini’s new image, after the restyling by the architect Piero Lissoni: every element combines the peacefulness of nature with a fast-paced working environment.

The large windows, skylights and the bright, white spaces let the light in; this combined with the sound of water, redefines the spaces with a contemporary twist, sensitive to the natural character of the area. Both refined and ambitious, the architectural project touches every aspect, from the offices to the showroom and from the outdoors (with a long telescope that acts as a panoramic platform, connecting the two wings of the building) to less visible areas.

Everything has been planned to the last detail. In a purely magical setting, the building epitomises the brand’s philosophy and its surrounding landscape too, the places of the past as well as the history and values of a family that are unequivocally rooted in this area and in the fluid and close relationship with the lake.
Daniela Fantini accompanies us along this journey, the soul of the firm who illustrates with passion and enthusiasm the brand’s vision and the new project as well.

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