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Gruppo Euromobil: 2020 in five words

| Designbest editorial staff

 Antonio, Fiorenzo, Giancarlo and Gaspare: the passion, resourcefulness and business acumen of the four Lucchetta brothers has rapidly transformed Euromobil from a typical, hardworking, northeastern Italian artisanal operation in the 1980s into an internationally renowned industrial enterprise.

The Lucchetta brothers have chosen to speak to Designbest magazine about the 5 keywords for Gruppo Euromobil in 2020  


“It is the beating heart of the home, always considered by Gruppo Euromobil to be a space for living, sharing and intimately socializing. It is the room to experience and enjoy par excellence where one can forget about the outside world. The recently inaugurated flagship store in Milan, designed by the renowned studio Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, has been dedicated to and built around to the kitchen. It is not only a store but “a new place for a new era” where Euromobil displays its best models—like SEI, Telero and Antis – in various finishes, in addition to an entire space with the theme “kitchen tech”.”


“Furniture becomes architecture and replaces vertical partitures because it generates space instead of occupying it. Gruppo Euromobil introduces the concept of “SpaceMakers”, a flexible and malleable system that can change over time according to one’s needs. SpaceMakers sets itself apart for being composed of furniture systems that become architectonic spaces which are usable throughout the home, according to new home layouts. Storage elements, which are often multifunctional and always dynamic and reduced in size, respond to the needs of contemporary home design—from a sliding or hinged steel-framed panel to smooth base units with textured finishes and a raised or lowered handle.”


“The home is seen as the living space par excellence: warm, welcoming, comfortable. We have always known that one must feel good at home, but living it so intensely during the recent lockdown months has helped us understand this even better. Many elements contribute to favoring an atmosphere of domestic wellness, from the choice of the most suitable furniture to materials, forms and colors. Gruppo Euromobil has made this its own conception and expresses it in every facet of production, from the kitchens to other home spaces. It is composite space where intuition and foresight find expression, in addition to the creativity of the design, in every project.”


“It is the greatest inspiration for the furniture of Gruppo Euromobil. A muse that knows how to look beyond the limits of one’s own mind. Art, in each of its forms, has always been a part of the essence of Euromobil, a company that has always contributed to the patronage of great artists. The latest artist to be involved in the project of the Lucchetta brothers was the Austro-Italian master Jorrit Tornquist, who was called upon to create a globe for the 1st Edition of Milan 2020 WE PLANET, which will soon be rescheduled in Milan after the Covid emergency. It is a great event that covers the importance of safeguarding nature and the ecosystem.”


“Euromobil’s pieces of furniture are never just design. They are works of genius “beyond aesthetics” in order to offer practicality and comfort. Recent examples of the tireless research into materials, accessories and functionalities, concern the kitchen: Ambrogio and Motus, sliding elements that make the space dynamic and technological. The first is a backlit countertop container equipped with a motorized rollup closure; the second is another sliding wall element that acts as a support for various utensils. It glides along the counter to have everything within reach. Finally, Kabin, a cabin with sliding doors without upper lower guides, structures and generates space without intervening structures.”



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