Ingo Maurer in 10 frames

| Designbest editorial staff


ights by Ingo Maurer are like nothing else on the market, in fact they are testament to the brand’s unique creative style, without equal in the world of lighting design. There’s a comparison to be made with a magical land filled with incredible pieces, somewhere between the ironic and the playful and which also reference the world of the arts (both high and low), fashion and nature. Over the years, this distinct stylistic language has been skillfully mastered by Ingo Maurer and his design team. The two have worked in close partnership since the eighties, designing real “works of light”, which go from the smallest “creature of light” to comprehensive lighting strategies for public spaces. The brand’s most famous designs include:  the Bulb lamp (1966), the YaYaHo system of electrified rails (1984) and the Lucellino series of winged lamps (1992). Furthermore, a great number of pieces, which are still being manufactured today, are now part of the permanent design collection at MoMa, New York.

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