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IOC - International Office Concept 

| Designbest editorial staff


years of history dedicated to the world of the office with a continual push towards contemporaneity:  IOC, project partners is a company founded in 1992 by Lema, inherited the same modus operandi, knowhow and mark of excellenceof its parent company.

Functionality, design, technology but also comfort, wellness and sustainability: these are the essential elements on which IOC bases its design philosophy, with an original and transversal vision of the world of work, which today is under constant evolution.

In our daily lives, private and communal spaces are intermixed, and the office has become a personal, welcoming and versatile space—one that uses a language of design that takes inspiration from the home and hybridizes furniture and accessories. In fact, under Raffaella Mangiarotti’s artistic direction, IOC opens the doors to a new idea of the office: one that is more graceful, intimate and at the same time social and convivial. As Raffaella Mangiarotti explains, it is the pleasure of the space which generates greater productivity: material sensibility united to delicate tones creates fluid and welcoming spaces, while advanced technology and attention to detail shows the quality of a “family” company, one which, thank its strategic vision of the future, is quickly becoming an international company.

From the executive furniture to operating systems, from seats to desks, from containers to wall systems, all the furniture proposals are completely designed and made in Italy—a guarantee of excellence that unites artisanal knowhow, design capability and innovative technology.

Its style aims towards postmodern minimalism with enveloping but restrained lines that exhibit a sense of wellness and optimize the spaces. One could think about the Ghisolfa seats which embrace with their high backrests, making them intimate nooks for private conversations; or the Monforte room divider that envelops to limit noise where needed; or the soft organic and curvy forms of the Gioia pouf; and Guastalla, the marble table by Carrara capable of adding a touch of sophistication to the lounge area.

The keyword of IOC, however, is without a doubt “customization”. Indeed, the custom-made solutions offered are able to respond to one’s every need: from entire spaces to special projects to tailormade furniture, the workplace is no longer designed with cubicles, but is focused on dialogue and teamwork. On one side the classic functional office is still considered, but on the other the thinking remains towards the future to maximize flexibility and support the dynamic rhythms of our daily work. 


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