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Kartell, I Componibili Bio - design Anna Castelli Ferrieri

| Designbest editorial staff


thics has always been a part of the story of Kartell, the company that has stood out in the design world for its capacity for innovation and reinvention in a creative and critical approach.

Its story is a long one made up of success and revolutions, intelligent processes and forward-thinking perspectives. Last year it celebrated 70 years since its start in 1949 when it embarked on its adventure producing accessories for cars and plastic household goods. Since then, this Lombard operation has come a long way, establishing itself throughout the world with designer furniture without ever changing its modus operandi: a responsible approach focused on people and the environment and a desire to make a positive impact with the continuous and creative help of research.

Research, innovation and experimentation are the keys to Kartell’s philosophy—their ethical approach sums up their creativity. The brand’s president, Claudio Luti, underlined for us how, in world where the world “sustainability” loses meaning, the company’s strength lies not only in the great products it makes “with an eye on the environment”, but most of all in the responsibility that is incorporated into all of the business’s activities.

Attention to new materials and new technological systems plays a part in its impressive ability to understand important and relevant themes like recycling, biodegradable materials, energy saving, environmental wellness and quality of life. With an eye not only on tomorrow but also on what can and must be done today, at Kartell focusing on ethics also means creating a system capable of inspiring all the companies in the sector and expanding itself into other arenas.

For this reason, limiting waste and saving energy have become goals to reach in a synergy of intents and values: just think about the new Artificial Intelligence system that Kartell has put together with Philippe Starck. It is a revolution in the world of design that has allowed the creation of A.I., the first recycled polypropylene chair that combines artificial intelligence, creativity and a reduction in material and energetic waste.

Advanced technology is therefore able to push creativity forward, as with the Smart Wood Collection, which comes from a special patent that allows one to work on thin layers of wood to create previously impossible 3D curvatures; or in the eco-friendly Aquaclean fabric which is without PFC, heavy-duty, antibacterial and easy to clean with only water.

The ambition towards “organic” production has always been in Kartell’s DNA: not by chance 20 years ago, with a completely visionary and revolutionary perspective, the brand was the first to experiment with recyclable materials. Today their catalog is more varied than ever and highlighting this, in a gift of pure innovation, is Bio: a revolutionary, natural and biodegradable material of the highest quality that derives from agricultural production waste and gets used in furniture (the first product made is the reissue of the I Componibili by Anna Castelli), injection and printing.

Diversification, always focusing on quality and offering new experiences in a perspective of hospitality and wellbeing are Kartell’s strengths. A company that is increasing its retail network with more and more stores in the heart of our cities, while taking advantage of opportunities online with a new focus on contract projects, a consistently growing market, in a company that lives and breathes innovation.


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